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⚡️ Collection of examples using the Moltin API
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Moltin Examples

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Here you will find example demo stores and serverless functions that can be used with Moltin webhooks. Pick an example and follow the README for usage instructions.

They are not to be treated as production-ready.


Discover how to connect popular frontend frameworks and static site generators with Moltin.

Example Demo Description
Next.js Coming soon An example store using Next.js
Express Coming soon An example store using Express

Webhooks (aka "integrations")

Integrate with Moltin using 3rd party services with AWS Lambda, Zeit Now, Netlify Functions & more. Learn more.

Example SDK Description
Order Confirmation via Email @moltin/request Order confirmation email with Postmark.
Order Confirmation via SMS @moltin/request Order confirmation SMS via Twilio.
Shipping Confirmation via Email @moltin/request Shipping confirmation email with Postmark.
Shipping Confirmation via SMS @moltin/request Shipping confirmation SMS via Twilio.
Short Order ID @moltin/request Assign a short random ID to new orders.
Sync catalog to Algolia @moltin/request Sync products, brands, categories and collections to Algolia.
Sync Orders to BigQuery @moltin/request Sync order + order items to Google BigQuery.


Example Demo Description
Apollo Server Coming soon An example GraphQL server with Moltin
CLI N/A An example CLI that queries products

Reference applications

If you're looking for more real world examples using Moltin, check out any of the following examples:

Example Description
Gatsby Demo Store Built using the gatsby-source-moltin plugin.
Next.js Demo Store React supercharged with Next.js + Moltin
Vue Demo Store Plain old Vue + Moltin
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