Barnes & Hut orbit simulator
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Barnes & Hut orbital simulator in Haskell

Made by Morten Olsen Lysgaard

for Main you need:
* ghc
* ffmpeg
* imagemagik

for OpenGL you need:
* GLUT bindings
* OpenGL-RAW or something i think
  cabal install handles it ;)

to build, run: ghc -threaded --make Main.hs

After that you can open and edit it for your location.
Then run

The binary, Main creates a series of SVG files displaying the planets.
Then, a imagemagik, ffmpeg magic turns it intoo a video.

It's also possible to run the simulation in realtime with the OpenGL script.
Compile it with $ ghc -threaded --make Opengl.hs

This was created because I was bored during a flu/fever in my summer vacation 2011.

Have fun!