Spring integration for RabbitMQ
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Spring integration for RabbitMQ

What is it for?

These components help using RabbitMQ with the Spring Framework.
Initial goal was to provide an alternative for the spring jms components giving the posibility to use rabbitmq in a similar way.
This initial version contains a simple connection and channel factory (currently only with single connection).

Example spring configuration(s) is provided in src/main/test/spring-examples.xml


Component Description
RabbitTemplate Send objects to injected exchange
AsyncRabbitTemplate Same as RabbitTempate, but uses internal queue and worker so calls to the send method are non-blocking
RabbitMessageListenerAdapter Listens for incoming object messages and delegate the handling to delegate object trying to find a handleMessage method taking the specific object as a parameter
RabbitInvokerServerExporter Exports spring service interface to a direct queue or and exchange, handling springs remote invocation calls
RabbitInvokerProxyFactoryBean Proxy bean to invoke a remote exported service by intercepting method calls on proxied interface and sending a remote invocation over rabbitmq

Future plans

  • Merge/integrate with amqp-spring from yawn making it more spring-amqp generic with rabbitmq implementation
  • Better threading/pooling
  • Lazy connection/channel initalization (So connection doesn’t block startup when rabbitmq is not running)