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+**Description of the Issue and Steps to Reproduce:**
+*Please include the values of all variables used.*
+*Examples: Chrome 49 on OSX, Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 7, Node.JS 4.4.4 on Ubuntu 16.0.4*
+*Both the browser and the OS are important to us, particularly if you have an unsual environment like an IOT application.*
+**Other information that may be helpful:**
+* The time zone setting of the machine the code is running on
+* The time and date at which the code was run
+* Other libraries in use (TypeScript, Immutable.js, etc)
+If you are reporting an issue, please run the following code in the environment you are using and include the output:
+console.log( (new Date()).toString())
+console.log((new Date()).toLocaleString())
+console.log( (new Date()).getTimezoneOffset())
+console.log( navigator.userAgent)
+*Ensure your issue is isolated to moment. Issues involving third party tools will be closed unless submitted by the tool's author/maintainer.*

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