1.7.0 Changelog #288

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New features

  • #283 Added generic endOf and startOf functions
  • #306 Add moment.fn.isValid
  • #317 Cached formatting functions
  • #313 Add support for month/weekday callbacks in moment.fn.format
  • #296 Add singular/plural forms for startOf/endOf
  • #332 Instance languages
  • #262 Support for two-letter days-of-week


  • #235 Moment.js overflows in parsing
  • #323 moment.utc(number) is broken
  • #314 False positive when checking for NodeJS alongside QUnit
  • #367 Parsing first century years and creating a moment with +-270,000 years in array
  • #371 Parsing moment.utc(string, format) was broken when the string had a timezone offset

Language updates

  • #318 Add Hungarian language
  • #316 Add Persian language
  • #326 Add Romanian language
  • #305 Add Chuvash Language
  • #307 Minor fix for LLL format in Japanese
  • #312 Fix month name nominative case in Russian
  • #327 Remove ordinal from Turkish language
  • #293 Switch from TLD to two letter language code

@timrwood, do you think that instance language configuration will get into 1.7.0?

What is left to be done other than that for us to push this out?


I updated the list above. I think this is pretty good for the 1.7.0 release, what do you think?


I think that is a solid release. When do you think we should shoot for as a launch date? I have a couple of questions regarding the status of some of these changes:

  1. Do you think Persian will get put into this release? It doesn't actually have tests or a real pull request.
  2. Have the Russian changes been made yet? We need the Russian changes in order to be sure that #313 works, but we also need #313 in order to make the Russian changes. Do the developers that speak Russian know that they can base their work on the feature/add-month-name-callback branch?
  3. Did you decide what to do for #296?
  1. Yeah, a pull request with tests should be mandatory for adding a language. Same with #326.
  2. I commented that they can use that branch, and bumped the thread. Let's give it a couple days, but I don't want to hold up the 1.7.0 release for it. If we don't hear anything, then I don't think we should land #313.
  3. Added a comment on #296. I'll add the code.

Let's shoot for releasing on Thursday or Friday? Any lang changes that miss the boat can go out in 1.7.1 bugfix release a week or two after.


I should have the loadLang code down by then too.


Looks like #313 solves #325 as well, so I'm just going to pull it in. I'll write a dummy lang config like this for testing so we dont have to rely on lang configs to test core functionality. Probably should do that for all the other lang config callbacks as well.


I think this is ready to go, @rockymeza do you mind taking a look at the docs on https://github.com/timrwood/momentjs.com/tree/develop ?

I added docs for everything in the new features, but it's good to have a second pair of eyes...

Then hopefully we can cut a release today! Finally!


I commented on one thing, but other than that I think the docs you added look good.


This is released!


To Language updates belongs "Add Chuvash Language" as well. I am happy about that.


@mirontoli, updated!

@timrwood timrwood closed this Aug 3, 2012
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