Add singular/plural forms for durations and startOf/endOf? #296

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Adding support for either form adds 136 bytes to the minified version and 39 bytes to the gzipped version.


I don't like this idea. More ways than one to do the same thing seems like a bad idea. Also, I'm not a fan of putting more things on the moment global namespace. If we do put constants on the moment global, it should be under a namespace like moment.constants, but I don't like the idea of constants anyway.

I know that this is JavaScript, but I think that The Zen of Python speaks to this well:

There should be one-- and preferably only one --obvious way to do it.
Although that way may not be obvious at first unless you're Dutch.


The counter argument would be that moment.startOf('days') would fail silently when it should be moment.startOf('day').

I'm not sure how much affordance should be given to ease developer headaches, but I'm still leaning towards supporting plural/singular, at least in startOf/endOf. We can just pull off the last 's' at the beginning of the function, something like this...

startOf: function (val) {
    var output = this.clone();
    val = val.replace(/s$/, ''); // remove the last s to support both plural and singular
    switch (val) {
        // cases here
    return output;

Alternatively, we could provide code that throws an error when they use the wrong form.

I don't feel super strong about either direction, I just want to make sure that we do consider both sides. Here is another tidbit from The Zen of Python:

Errors should never pass silently.
Unless explicitly silenced.

As long as we are not using constants, I am happy with whichever solution.


Yeah, I think constants are a bit of overkill.

I'm hesitant to throw errors because it halts execution on IE and your whole site is broken after the thrown error. Also, it would be about the same amount of code as adding the plurals as outlined above, so there's not much benefit I think.


I think the best solution would be to change this line to the following.

switch (val.replace(/s$/, '')) { // strip off the last s
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This is done and will go out in 1.7.0

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