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Release 1.6.0 discussion #268

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I am opening up the version 1.6.0 release for discussion. In this pull request, I think we should talk about the features that need to be added or removed before we can cut a new version of moment. Here are some changes that I think should be in version 1.6.


To be removed

  • #228, old-style am/AM/pm/PM handling
  • #227, z zz timezone tokens
  • #216, moment.fn.native

New Features that have already been written

  • #253, Ender compatibility
  • #222, new-style am/AM/pm/PM handling
  • #266, Adding a getter for moment.lang()
  • #263, new parser
  • #254, support for S SS and SSS millisecond tokens
  • #236/#265, Durations
  • #267 - moment.clone() does not copy the _isUTC property
  • #261 - moment.diff() does not take into account utc mode
  • #213 - moment.unix() and moment.fn.unix()
  • #275 - moment.utc(string) parses ISO8601 as local time when timezone is missing

New features that have not been written

Things that should not go into this release

  • #266, per-instance language configuration -- 1.7 ???
  • #235, moment.fn.isValid -- 1.7 ???
  • #262, Two letter month name formatting tokens -- 1.7 ???
  • #283, Generic endOf and startOf to abstract sod/eod -- 1.7 ???
Moment.js member

We should also add moment.lang() as a getter as well. See #266.

This would be a good workaround before adding per instance lang configurations.

Moment.js member

FYI, I updated the list.

The new parser ended up taking much less time than I thought it would. It passes all the previous tests, plus the new 'YYYMMDD' tests. I think it's pretty stable, so it should be good to release.

I added lang as a getter, and moved the S/SS/SSS parsing issue up to the 'have been written' section.

I also added moment.fn.isValid and two letter month names to the 'not this release' section.

Moment.js member

I added these to the 'already written' section, and moved durations there as well.

  • #267 - moment.clone() does not copy the _isUTC property
  • #261 - moment.diff() does not take into account utc mode
  • #213 - moment.unix() and moment.fn.unix()
Moment.js member

I think this is ready to go, @rockymeza, is there anything I'm forgetting?


Nevermind, #284 seems to be a problem with incompatible versions of moment and and the kr.js file.

I think we're good to go @timrwood.

Moment.js member

Cool, all that is left is adding docs for durations and ender compatibility. I've created placeholders, so hopefully I can get it all written tonight. I'll ping you so you can double check them before I make the release.

Moment.js member

@rockymeza, I added docs for durations, please check it out over on Everything is just in the master branch there for now. (After 1.6.0 release, I think I'll switch that to git flow as well).

I also made you a collaborator on that site, so you should be able to push changes there as well.

After you look over the docs, I'll release 1.6.0.

Moment.js member

This is released!

@timrwood timrwood closed this
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  1. Opening release 1.6.0 for discussion/development

    Rocky Meza committed
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['HH', /T\d\d/]
timezoneParseRegex = /([\+\-]|\d\d)/gi,
- VERSION = "1.5.0",
+ VERSION = "1.6.0",
shortcuts = 'Month|Date|Hours|Minutes|Seconds|Milliseconds'.split('|');
// Moment prototype object
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