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Loading a Data Bundle{ zones : [], links : [], version : '2014e' });

The data for Moment Timezone comes from the IANA Time Zone Database. New versions are released periodically as time zone laws change in various countries.

The versions are named after the year and an incrementing letter. 2014a 2014b 2014c...

In order to keep versions together, Moment Timezone has a bundled object format as well.

	version : '2014e',
	zones : [
		'America/Los_Angeles|PST PDT|80 70|0101|1Lzm0 1zb0 Op0',
		'America/New_York|EST EDT|50 40|0101|1Lz50 1zb0 Op0'
	links : [

To load a bundle into Moment Timezone, use{
	version : '2014e',
	zones : [...],
	links : [...]