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moment().set(String, Int); moment().set(Object(String, Int));

Generic setter, accepting unit as first argument, and value as second:

moment().set('year', 2013);
moment().set('month', 3);  // April
moment().set('date', 1);
moment().set('hour', 13);
moment().set('minute', 20);
moment().set('second', 30);
moment().set('millisecond', 123);

moment().set({'year': 2013, 'month': 3});

Units are case insensitive, and support plural and short forms: year (years, y), month (months, M), date (dates, D), hour (hours, h), minute (minutes, m), second (seconds, s), millisecond (milliseconds, ms).

Object parsing was added in 2.9.0

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