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Sometimes, you want all the goodness of moment#from but you don't want to have to create two moments, you just want to display a length of time.

Enter moment.duration().humanize().

moment.duration(1, "minutes").humanize(); // a minute
moment.duration(2, "minutes").humanize(); // 2 minutes
moment.duration(24, "hours").humanize();  // a day

By default, the return string is suffixless. If you want a suffix, pass in true as seen below.

moment.duration(1, "minutes").humanize(true); // in a minute

For suffixes before now, pass in a negative number.

moment.duration(-1, "minutes").humanize(true); // a minute ago

Invalid durations are humanized to the localized version of Invalid Date.

moment.duration.invalid().humanize(); // Invalid Date