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Local vs UTC vs Offset

Moment offers three functions for parsing dates, the basic moment function, moment.utc, and moment.parseZone.

If you wish to interact with a date in the context of the user's local time, use the moment function.


This results in a date with a UTC offset that is the same as the local computer:


If you wish to interact with the date as a UTC date, use moment.utc:


This results in a date with a utc offset of +0:00:


If your date format has a fixed timezone offset, use moment.parseZone:


This results in a date with a fixed offset:


Note that if you use moment() or moment.utc() to parse a date with a specified offset, the date will be converted from that offset to either local or UTC:

This date is shifted by 8 hours, moving from +2 to -6 (the offset of the local machine)


This date is shifted by 2 hours, moving from +2 to UTC