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The project momote001

We are creating a new line of products and development kits that enable and streamline the creation of applications for the Internet of Things (Iot).

The momote001 is ours first product. It will allow anyone to create wireless communications with applications to various areas. Mobility, health, trade, security, home automation, commercial, etc.

For while we are finalizing the necessary agreements and partneships needed to manufacture it in Brazil and sell at a competitive price. While the board does not come out of the oven, we are working to create the tools and development environments tha will be available. Help right now to create the plataform of the future and activily participate in the development community.

The final files for manufacturing and production momote001 are now available for anyone to study, manufacture and evolve the project.

what is momote001?

momote001 CC2650 based IoT mote


To contribute visit: momote001 forum


The wiring diagram and the layout of the printed circuit board that were made in Circuit Maker and Altium are available under the CERN OHL v1.2 license.


momote001 CC2650 based IoT mote




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