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a fork of net.sourceforge.wilbur updated for mcl and sbcl
Common Lisp
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DE.SETF.WILBUR: a maintenance fork of net.sourceforge.wilbur


de.setf.wilbur extends and updates the 2010-02-14 version of the "Wilbur Semantic Web Toolkit for CLOS" to maintain compatibility with current Common Lisp runtimes.

  • MCL : 5.2
  • SBCL : 1.0.36 (linux)





:NOTE We use "wilbur-FORK" instead of "de.setf.wilbur" as the pathname for our clone

shell> cd /path/to/your/git-repos

shell> git clone git:// wilbur-FORK

In a running lisp tell asdf where to find the .asd files in "wilbur-FORK" repository:

cl-user> (push #P"/path/to/your/git-repos/wilbur-FORK/src/" asdf:central-registry)

cl-user> (quicklisp:quickload 'wilbur)

:NOTE When loading/building the wilbur.asd will set some CL:LOGICAL-PATHNAME-TRANSLATIONS for the host "wilbur" according to the value of CL:LOAD-PATHNAME. The default behaviour should suffice and I've not encountered problems with its default return values for CL:TRANSLATE-LOGICAL-PATHNAME however, should you encounter build/install failures errors around the CL:LOGICAL-PATHNAME-TRANSLATIONS for the host "wilbur" are likely the first point of failure. For additional discussion see the comments in src/wilbur.asd


The library is governed by the original LLGPL license

Note however, that we've taken the liberties with the original source of separating LLGPL license headers from all .lisp files beneath the following directories:

/src/* /src/goodies/* /src/nox/*

and consolodating the boilerplate to the single file: src/LICENSE This may (or not) be entirely kosher w/r/t to the terms of LGPL, LLGPL but IANAL

So, in the off chance that your project choosed to distribute the source of this FORK you may wish to revert the LLGPL licence headers to their original form per the canonical source distrubuted at the location below:

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