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A tool to easily apply known hex edits to any binary, with examples for Bemani games.

Should work on most modern browsers.

Live version hosted on my website.

Asking about new patches

These days, I do not create the patches. Everything is community submitted. If you would like new hex edits, make them yourself and make a pull request!

Patch rules

  • New: No n-0 newer than 1 year ago. Why?
  • Rhythm games only. Bombergirl is the one exception, it's Konami anyway.
  • No autoplay patches
    • It is far too easy to accidentally get people banned from their networks
    • It's mainly used to upload autoplays to YouTube, which is not something I want to be involved with

Submitting a new game

Here is your checklist:

  • Add the new game html, it is easiest to copy an existing game and modify it. The html should be named [game][release].html except IIDX because they just happen to be [release].html only...
  • Modify the <title> tag and the <h1> tag to the name of the new game.
  • Modify the patcher for the new DLL names/patches.
  • Keep consistent indentation for the new patches. I will have to fix your PR if it contains poor formatting, which will delay the merging process.
  • Modify index.html to add the new game. Sorting: alphabetical by game series, then in release order per game.
  • Add a game image. 128x128px PNG files, please. Any blank space should be either white or transparent.

If your pull request is a single commit, I will rebase and merge. If it is multiple commits, I will squash and merge.

Please do not worry about submitting "bad" PRs. If there is something wrong, I will tell you how to fix it or I will fix it myself before merging.


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