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A small dongle to connect your Wii taiko controller to your computer as a USB device, instead of using Bluetooth.

Purchase here
User guide



  • Uses an atmega16u2 and the LUFA USB stack
  • 1ms response time.
  • Sweet LEDs (can be turned off)
  • Responds so fast you can bounce your sticks and get multi hits. Can be turned off with Debounce feature.
  • Tested working on official, Hori and knockoff controllers
  • Windows, Linux, Mac compatible + cross platform Chrome app for configuration
  • Config app allows future firmware updates to add more features
  • No drivers required!

Building firmware:

At console, run make. You will need AVR GCC installed.

Building software:

It's a Chrome web app. Install it like a normal dev app.

Building hardware:

Send v5 Gerbers to a PCB fab and have fun with QFN soldering. If you want a little less fiddling, use the seeed_bom.csv file along with the Gerbers and use Seedstudio's Fusion PCBA service. Use a board thickness of 8mm. As Seeed doesn't have them, you will need to add a USB A Male connector (any through hole model should fit) and a Raphnet Nunchuck connector.

Altium Designer was used, open TataconUSB.PrjPcb as the main file.

Program the HID bootloader and clock fuses via make init and an SPI programmer. The makefile is by default setup to use the USBAsp. I recommend pogo pins in a breadboard + USB connection for power. From there, program by hitting the hardware reset button, then make flash.


A small dongle to connect your Wii taiko controller to your computer as a USB keyboard






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