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Release 2.2.0

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@cedricbonhomme cedricbonhomme released this 01 Feb 09:15
· 749 commits to master since this release


  • generate deliverable on 4th step of method (#51)
  • export all of risk analysis data (#28)


  • option of export tables in a csv file (#52)
  • show version MONARC on left panel (#50)
  • ensures new users (of the back office) are created with a level of
    permissions (#48)
  • the back office displays the appropriate view based on the user permissions
  • set the selected attribute for the search filter of models in the back office


  • user operational risk - tag (#55)
  • operational risk - tag (#54)
  • detach a tag from an asset (#53)
  • operational risk importation (#64)
  • various minor fixes in the back office (management of models)

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This release includes a consequent changes in the database of the back office and in the synchronization process of the deliveries templates (between the back office and the different clients instances). If you are using a back office, be careful to also update your ansible playbook (instructions).

Login and passwords for the MONARC VirtualBox image

  • MONARC application: admin@admin.test:admin
  • SSH login: monarc:password
  • Mysql root login: root:baa1bf66ec891f9e6dbf6dbe281f530c46da2158fe66091ac6b62eaeebb9054d
  • Mysql MONARC login: sqlmonarcuser:5eef25f5440470a202e0dfe46fb1360c9ae71bec3997f06cdeabc21b222a6a1d

sha512sum: 458564d616d4711f119c1593f8929e4db0afa665c6141ed142954079663afb2f1ffbf97d4c73069903778d60f986e86db26acf6462ac8afaebc3f62c6a7edff7
sha1sum: beebc22d4fab4181716895dd574ba2dd70ba08bd