@cedricbonhomme cedricbonhomme released this Feb 14, 2018 · 68 commits to master since this release

Assets 3


  • Lack of information in the final deliverable (#65)
  • Update template of third deliveries


  • CID/CIA translation in generateImpactsAppreciation for the deliveries
  • Removed useless dependencies to City entity.

Login and passwords for the MONARC VirtualBox image

  • MONARC application: admin@admin.test:admin
  • SSH login: monarc:password
  • Mysql root login: root:30721818387165578a99ac1d5ec1395f114f0d8c7f9bbcdd8d3c3058b1276a88
  • Mysql MONARC login: sqlmonarcuser:3b64d5327a384d2e426d8265e68bc4e820f5f38b7a304663ff05da045eabf492

sha512sum: 3779f90aed47fe3f2a2f09dbd1efeee6c9033533092075cce1b8648149e091a587dbc210a8f60758aa0c39cab4b753e9c386f64ffe0dc62f9d3ccc6e33933b98
sha1sum: 194d18b2b6f4eae8d2f4248a35e117301fe81a36