@cedricbonhomme cedricbonhomme released this Oct 25, 2018 · 8 commits to master since this release

Assets 3


  • added backend capability for the bulk creation of objects;
  • various improvements and harmonization of the backend code;


  • Sort order for operational risks in final deliverable annex D (#111);
  • Upload of template deliverable fails in Dutch (#141);
  • SOA is now included in snapshots.

Login and passwords for the MONARC VirtualBox demo image

  • MONARC application: admin@admin.test:admin
  • SSH login: monarc:password
  • Mysql root login: root:c58bdd1a57042736a22697772658c63d030e62d3ce1e15f4db6e8346f9ad2191
  • Mysql MONARC login: sqlmonarcuser:f11ab8d12ca1cc75f37749f9d4443c5d2d5ed3400ba3671b68b14c52c38d667e

sha512sum: 90ef2bea5f8a0171c8ff01fb6031cbe4ae22469400533566be55c3c224558f90202de64b9cdbe35771a5fa256cab19ff2ab280eaaf65c3686577066f25a4e9c0
sha1sum: 45e041629b24bc73980e1640d91cf4b71c887967