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Development environment for MONARC

Vagrant is convenient to use in order to setup your development environment.

This VM uses synced folders feature of Vagrant in order to let you work on the MONARC source code on your host machine while the softwares (Apache, PHP, MariaDB, etc.) and libraries will be installed on the guest Vagrant machine.

Installation of VirtualBox and Vagrant

$ sudo apt-get install virtualbox vagrant

Deployment of the front office

MONARC will be automatically deployed in an Ubuntu Bionic Server.

$ git clone https://github.com/monarc-project/MonarcAppFO
$ cd MonarcAppFO/vagrant
$ export GITHUB_AUTH_TOKEN=<your-github-auth-token>
$ vagrant up

Once the VM will be configured by Vagrant, go to the address

The username is admin@admin.test and the password is admin.

You can now edit the source code with your favorite editor and test it in your browser. The only thing is to not forget to restart Apache in the VM after a modification.