Build Automated Machine Images for MONARC.
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Build Automated Machine Images for MONARC



$ export GITHUB_AUTH_TOKEN=<your-github-auth-token>
$ ./
Retrieving information about latest MONARC release...
Generating a virtual machine for MONARC v2.7.2 (commit id: 99e80ba03cfba2e270473b42b4fb53dec1d2b8b0)...
The generation took 522 seconds
Do you want to upload the generated virtual machine on GitHub? [y/N] n
Good bye.

A VirtualBox image will be generated and stored in the folder output-virtualbox-iso. You can directly import it in VirtualBox.

Default credentials (Web interface, SSH and MariaDB) are displayed at the end of the process.

The sha1 and sha512 checksums of the generated VM will be stored in the files packer_virtualbox-iso_virtualbox-iso_sha1.checksum and packer_virtualbox-iso_virtualbox-iso_sha512.checksum respectively.

The variable GITHUB_AUTH_TOKEN is only required if you want to upload the generated virtual machine on GitHub and may be required during the building process (composer may need this token in order to install PHP libraries).