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Stats Service for MONARC

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MONARC Stats Service is a libre software which is providing:

  • an API in order to collect statistics from one or several MONARC instances and to return these statistics with different filters and aggregation methods;
  • a dashboard that summarizes the current cybersecurity landscape. The charts are based on the statistics collected.

This software can be deployed just next to a MONARC instance or on a dedicated server.

The collected statistics can be sent to an other Stats Service instance.

The public official instance operated by NC3-LU is available at


To be found in the docs directory of the source code, or viewed online here.

Several installation ways and the update procedure are described.

Quick deployment

$ git clone
$ cd stats-service/
$ docker-compose up -d

Stats Service will be available at:

More information in the installation section of the documentation.


Stats Service is under the GNU Affero General Public License version 3.