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monarch-engine build status

🔧 web game engine of chase moskal's dreams

  • open source game engine
  • mobile first
  • built on babylonjs
  • json game state system
  • entity class instancing system
  • basic fps control for flying editor
  • achieve satisfaction with architecture fundamentals
  • multiplayer
  • collaborative map editor

🎮 play engine demo now

  • wasd and the mouse to fly around
  • shift to sprint, c and space to sink and rise
  • hold e key and click to place cubes
  • remove them by looking at them and pressing x

🔫 nanoshooter will be the first monarch game

  • we're making this 3d tank game to demonstrate the engine's capabilities
  • this game is open source

📦 npm install monarch-engine

  • build your own games on monarch-engine
  • written in typescript
  • can work with any other engine (monarch supports babylonjs out of the box)

engine development instructions

these are instructions for working on monarch engine itself —
if instead you want to build your own game using monarch engine, you want to fork nanoshooter

command line routines

  • npm install
    "production build"
    optimal production build and a test run
    also installs any missing project dependencies
    available as task in vs code

  • npm run build-debug
    "debug build"
    produces fat debuggable bundle (source maps included)
    available as task in vs code (ctrl+shift+b)

technical goals, future features, notes

  • asset preview system
    load engine demo page with #preview="assets/powercube.babylon"
    and it will load the asset into a preview scene
    should be easy to implement in downstream games like nanoshooter

  • user-interface system
    2d overlay ui, slideout panel
    for settings menus, map editor functionality, and more
    powered by preact components and mobx stores

  • universal game settings
    game settings like mouse sensitivity, volume, resolution, anything like that

  • basic prop editing
    mobile-friendly interface for adding and deleting various props
    ui work involves selection from a listing of available props
    and organizing their proposal meshes

  • enhance state entry definitions
    use observable mobx store classes and mobx serializr

  • manager method to add an entity to the game world
    returns a promise which resolves with the replicated entity instance

  • webrtc datachannel multiplayer collaborative editing
    rig up a shared multiplayer game state
    allow multiple editors to fly around and see each other
    represented by a flying cone or something
    no work on data optimization yet, just sending large json chunks

  • draw up an 'engine theory' diagram
    to make clear how monarch is lean, flexible, extensible