Firmware binary files and tools for the Monarco HAT - Add-on board for Raspberry Pi
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Monarco HAT Firmware Images and Tools

Firmware version history and roadmap:

Other Resources

Firmware Update

Prepare Environment and Clone Repository

Install dependencies - on Debian/Raspbian:

$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt install git perl-base libdigest-crc-perl libdevice-serialport-perl

Clone repository:

$ git clone
$ cd monarco-hat-firmware-bin

Disable Linux console on UART - on Raspberry Pi edit /boot/cmdline.txt:

$ sudo sed 's/ console=serial0,[0-9]\+//' -i /boot/cmdline.txt

and reboot to apply the settings.

Flashing Firmware

Stop any application which use UART with the Monarco HAT (/dev/ttyAMA0 on Raspberry Pi). For example, the REX Control System RexCore service can be stopped by:

$ sudo service rexcore stop

Run firmware downloader with path to the most recent firmware image:

$ sudo ./ flash ./firmware-bin/fw-monarco-hat-2007.bin
Monarco HAT Flash Firmware Downloader, version 1.1
(c) REX Controls 2016,

HAT ID detected:
  Vendor: REX Controls
  Product: Monarco HAT
  Product ID: 0x0001
  Product VER: 0x0103
  UUID: fe0f39bf-7c03-4eb6-9a91-df861ae5abcd

Serial device /dev/ttyAMA0 check OK.

MCU Bootloader ID: [1.60 ChipID: 247DBC0257516B45]

Press ENTER to continue ...
XModem: Start, waiting for handshake
XModem: Handshake success
XModem: Sending: .................................................................................................................................................................

CRC RESULT: [18] c--CRC: 00009C5C--


Quick Help

$ sudo ./
Monarco HAT Flash Firmware Downloader, version 1.1
(c) REX Controls 2016,

    ./ [options] flash <firmware-image-file>
    ./ [options] getserial

Options defaults: --uart_device=/dev/ttyAMA0 --gpio_reset=21 --gpio_bootloader=20

Checking Monarco HAT MCU ID

$ sudo ./ getserial
Monarco HAT Flash Firmware Downloader, version 1.1
(c) REX Controls 2016,

MCU Bootloader ID: [1.60 ChipID: 247DBC0257516B45]


ID EEPROM on the Monarco HAT contains device-tree-overlay according to the HAT standard which is automatically loaded by Raspberry Pi bootloader.

The EEPROM update is normally not needed as it contains only hardware description. However, if there is some incompatible change in Linux kernel related to the device-tree format, EEPROM should be updated for correct operation with new kernel version.

Recently, this was the case when Raspbian upgraded kernel from 4.4 to 4.9, which led to broken UART remapping.

If you have Monarco HAT series E and older (shipped before 10/2017), and want to use it with current Raspbian, you should update the EEPROM by:

$ sudo ./ update
Monarco HAT ID EEPROM flash tool, version 1.1
(c) REX Controls 2018,

HAT_VER_DT: "0" HAT_VER_HW: "105"

# Writing EEPROM:
1536 bytes (1.5 kB, 1.5 KiB) copied, 6.57705 s, 0.2 kB/s
3+1 records in
3+1 records out
1809 bytes (1.8 kB, 1.8 KiB) copied, 7.75253 s, 0.2 kB/s

# Checking EEPROM:
8+0 records in
8+0 records out
4096 bytes (4.1 kB, 4.0 KiB) copied, 0.281417 s, 14.6 kB/s


Runtime Requirements

Debian packages:

  • perl
  • libdigest-crc-perl
  • libdevice-serialport-perl

Common Problems

Do not use GPIOs 0 (ID_SD), 1 (ID_SC), 2 (SDA), 3 (SCL), 8 (CE0), 9 (MISO), 10 (MOSI), 11 (SCLK), 14 (TXD), 15 (RXD), 20, 21, 26 for any custom applications with Monarco HAT! You could break correct operation of the Monarco HAT. Using colliding GPIOs can break the operation until complete power cycling is performed.


  •, - BSD 3-Clause License - see LICENSE.txt
  • firmware binary images under firmware-bin/ - not open source, binary form can be redistributed without any restriction
  • device tree files under device-tree/ - GNU General Public License version 2 (as Linux Kernel)
  • libraries under libperl/ (Fuser, Device::SerialPort::XModem) - the same terms as Perl itself