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An Open-Source Monitoring as a Service at Scale solution

Monasca, an Openstack official project, is a scalable monitoring as a service solution. It monitors services and systems by a push model. The Monasca Agent will collect metrics from each node and push them to the Monasca API. It will then be processed by separate microservices for storing, alarming and notifications. The architecture can be viewed here


$ helm repo add monasca
$ helm install monasca/monasca --name monasca --namespace monitoring


This chart bootstraps a Monasca deployment on a Kubernetes cluster using the Helm Package manager.


  • Kubernetes 1.4+

Installing the Chart

Monasca can either be install from the helm repo or by source.

Installing via Helm repo (recommended)

$ helm repo add monasca
$ helm install monasca/monasca --name monasca --namespace monitoring

Installing via source

$ helm repo add monasca
$ helm dependency update monasca
$ helm install monasca --name monasca --namespace monitoring

Either option will bring up Monasca on the Kubernetes cluster with the default configuration. The configuration section lists the parameters that can be configured during installation.

Tip: List all releases using helm list

Uninstalling the Chart

To uninstall/delete the my-release deployment:

$ helm delete my-release --purge

The command removes all the Kubernetes components associated with the chart and deletes the release.

Default monitoring

By default Monasca will monitor pod workloads (CPU, Network, Memory, etc.) and Kubernetes health.

It will also autodetect Prometheus Endpoints by looking for the following annotations on services and pods

  • Only scrape pods that have a value of 'true'
  • If the metrics path is not '/metrics' override this.
  • Scrape the pod on the indicated port instead of the default of '9102'.

More information on our monitoring within in Kubernetes can be found on


The following tables lists the configurable parameters of the Monasca chart broken down by microservice and their default values.

Specify each parameter using the --set key=value[,key=value] argument to helm install. For example,

$ helm install monasca --name my-release \
    --set persister.replicaCount=4

Alternatively, a YAML file that specifies the values for the below parameters can be provided while installing the chart. For example,

$ helm install monasca --name my-release -f values.yaml

Tip: You can use the default values.yaml

Helm Tests for Monasca

We have two test suites that can be run via Helm Test.

These are Smoke Tests and Tempest Tests. By default only Smoke Tests are enabled.

In both tests, Monasca must be deployed or upgraded using helm and then once all pods have been created and all jobs have succeeded the tests can be run.

Tempest Tests

These tests run the Monasca tempest tests

Prior to running helm tests you must enable the tempest tests by running:

$ helm upgrade monasca monasca/monasca --set tempest_tests.enabled=true

Due to the amount of time that it takes to run the tests, the timeout parameter must be specified. The time required for the tests vary according to your hardware and how loaded your system is. Test times as low as 600 seconds but up to 3100 seconds have been seen. Use the command below, but replacing 900 with the timeout that works for your system:

$ helm test monasca --timeout 900

If your timeout is not long enough, then you will see a result like this:

RUNNING: monasca-tempest-tests-test-pod
UNKNOWN: monasca-tempest-tests-test-pod: timed out waiting for the condition

You must then wait for the pod monasca-tempest-tests-test-pod to exit and check its logs and exit status.

If the tests all succeed, the pod will exit 0, otherwise, it will exit 1.

To run the tests again, the pod monasca-tempest-tests-test-pod must be deleted.

The tests are very sensitive to name resolution problems so if your Kubernetes cluster has any problems resolving services, random tests will fail.

Smoke Tests

These tests run the Monasca smoke tests

Since they are enabled by default you do not have to take an extra step to enable them and can run:

$ helm test monasca

You must then wait for the pod monasca-smoke-tests-test-pod to exit and check its logs and exit status.

If the tests all succeed, the pod will exit 0, otherwise, it will exit 1.

To run the tests again, the pod monasca-smoke-tests-test-pod must be deleted.


Parameter Description Default Agent container name agent
agent.deployment_enabled Agent deployment enabled true
agent.daemonset_enabled Agent daemonset enabled true
agent.termination_grace_period Agent grace period before force terminating 30
agent.daemonset_toleration.enabled Agent daemonset toleration is enabled false
agent.daemonset_toleration.operator Agent daemonset toleration operator true
agent.daemonset_toleration.effect Agent daemonset toleration effect true
agent.collector.image.repository Agent Collector container image repository monasca/agent-collector
agent.collector.image.tag Agent Collector container image tag master-20170707-154334
agent.collector.image.pullPolicy Agent Collector container image pull policy IfNotPresent
agent.collector.check_freq How often to run metric collection in seconds 30
agent.collector.num_collector_threads Number of threads to use in collector for running checks 1
agent.collector.pool_full_max_retries Maximum number of collection cycles where all of the threads in the pool are still running plugins before the collector will exit 4
agent.collector.sub_collection_warn Number of seconds a plugin collection time exceeds that causes a warning to be logged for that plugin 6
agent.forwarder.image.repository Agent Forwarder container image repository monasca/agent-forwarder
agent.forwarder.image.tag Agent Forwarder container image tag master-20170615-204444
agent.forwarder.image.pullPolicy Agent Forwarder container image pull policy IfNotPresent
agent.forwarder.max_batch_size Maximum batch size of measurements to write to monasca-api, 0 is no limit 0
agent.forwarder.max_measurement_buffer_size Maximum number of measurements to buffer when unable to communicate with the monasca-api (-1 means no limit) -1
agent.forwarder.backlog_send_rate Maximum number of messages to send at one time when communication with the monasca-api is restored 5
agent.dimensions Default dimensions to attach to every metric being sent ``
agent.plugins.enabled Enable passing in agent plugins False
agent.plugins.config_files List of plugin yamls to be used with the agent ``
agent.insecure Insecure connection to Keystone and Monasca API False
agent.log_level Log level of agent log files WARN
agent.keystone.username Agent Keystone username mini-mon
agent.keystone.user_domain_name Agent Keystone user domain Default
agent.keystone.password Agent Keystone password password
agent.keystone.project_name Agent Keystone project name mini-mon
agent.keystone.project_domain_name Agent Keystone project domain Default
agent.namespace_annotations Namespace annotations to set as metrics dimensions ``
agent.prometheus.auto_detect_pod_endpoints Autodetect Prometheus endpoints for scraping by pods true
agent.prometheus.auto_detect_service_endpoints Autodetect Prometheus endpoints for scraping by services true
agent.prometheus.kubernetes_labels A list of Kubernetes labels to include as dimensions from gathered metrics app
agent.prometheus.timeout The Prometheus endpoint connection timeout 3
agent.kubernetes_api.kubernetes_labels A list of Kubernetes labels to include as dimensions from gathered metrics app
agent.kubernetes_api.timeout The K8s API connection timeout 3 Report bound pvc capacity metrics per a storage class true Storage class parameters as dimensions ``
agent.kubernetes.kubernetes_labels A list of Kubernetes labels to include as dimensions from gathered metrics app
agent.kubernetes.timeout The cAdvisor/Kubelet connection timeout 3
agent.kubernetes.enable_minimum_whitelist Only report minimum set of pod metrics (cpu, memory) false
agent.cadvisor.enabled Enable host metrics from cAdvisor true
agent.cadvisor.timeout The cAdvisor connection timeout 3
agent.cadvisor.enable_minimum_whitelist Only report minimum set of host metrics (cpu, memory) false
agent.resources.requests.memory Memory request per agent pod 256Mi
agent.resources.requests.cpu CPU request per agent pod 100m
agent.resources.limits.memory Memory limit per agent pod 512Mi
agent.resources.limits.cpu Memory limit per agent pod 500m


Parameter Description Default Aggregator container name aggregation
aggregator.enabled Aggregator enabled true
aggregator.image.repository Aggregator container image repository rbrndt/test-agg
aggregator.image.tag Aggregator container image tag .0.1.1
aggregator.image.pullPolicy Aggregator container image pull policy IfNotPresent
aggregator.window_size Window size in seconds of metrics to aggregate on. 60
aggregator.window_lag Lag in seconds outside the window to accept metrics into current aggregations 2

Alarms Init Job

Parameter Description Default Alarms container name alarms
alarms.enabled Alarms init job enabled true
alarms.image.repository Alarms init job container image repository rbrndt/test-agg
alarms.image.tag Alarms init job container image tag 1.1.1
alarms.image.pullPolicy Alarms init job container image pull policy IfNotPresent
alarms.wait.retries Number of attempts to create alarms before giving up 24
alarms.wait.delay Seconds to wait between retries 5
alarms.wait.timeout Attempt connection timeout in seconds 10
alarms.keystone.username Monasca Keystone user mini-mon
alarms.keystone.user_domain_name Monasca Keystone user domain Default
alarms.keystone.password Monasca Keystone password password
alarms.keystone.project_name Monasca Keystone project name mini-mon
alarms.keystone.project_domain_name Monasca Keystone project domain Default


Parameter Description Default API container name api
api.image.repository API container image repository monasca/api
api.image.tag API container image tag master-prometheus
api.image.pullPolicy API container image pull policy IfNotPresent
api.resources.requests.memory Memory request per API pod 256Mi
api.resources.requests.cpu CPU request per API pod 250m
api.resources.limits.memory Memory limit per API pod 1Gi
api.resources.limits.cpu Memory limit per API pod 2000m
api.replicaCount API pod replica count 1
api.keystone.admin_password Keystone admin account password secretadmin
api.keystone.admin_user Keystone admin account user admin
api.keystone.admin_tenant Keystone admin account tenant admin
api.influxdb.user The influx username mon_api
api.influxdb.password The influx password password
api.influxdb.database The influx database mon
api.gunicorn_workers Number of gunicorn api workers 1
api.service.port API service port 8070
api.service.type API service type ClusterIP
api.service.node_port API node port if service type is set to NodePort ``
api.logging.log_level_root The level of the root logger WARN
api.logging.log_level_console Minimum level for console output WARN
api.mysql_disabled Disable requirement on mysql for API false
api.mysql_wait_retries Retries for mysql available checks
api.auth_disabled Disable Keystone authentication false
api.authorized_roles Roles for admin Users user, domainuser, domainadmin, monasca-user
api.side_container.enabled Enable API side container that collects metrics from the API and exposes as a Prometheus endpoint true
api.side_container.image.repository API side container image repository timothyb89/monasca-sidecar
api.side_container.image.tag API side container image tag 1.0.0
api.side_container.image.pullPolicy API side container image pull policy IfNotPresent
api.side_container.resources.requests.memory Memory request per API side container 128Mi
api.side_container.resources.requests.cpu CPU request per API side container 50m
api.side_container.resources.limits.memory Memory limit per API side container 256Mi
api.side_container.resources.limits.cpu Memory limit per API side container 100m


Parameter Description Default Client container name client
client.enabled Enable deploying client false
client.image.repository Client container image repository rbrndt/python-monascaclient
client.image.tag Client container image tag 1.6.0
client.image.pullPolicy Client container image pull policy IfNotPresent
client.keystone.username Keystone user mini-mon
client.keystone.user_domain_name Keystone user domain Default
client.keystone.password Keystone password password
client.keystone.project_name Keystone project name mini-mon
client.keystone.project_domain_name Keystone project domain Default


Parameter Description Default Forwarder container name forwarder
forwarder.image.repository Forwarder container image repository monasca/forwarder
forwarder.image.tag Forwarder container image tag master
forwarder.image.pullPolicy Forwarder container image pull policy IfNotPresent
forwarder.insecure Insecure connection to Monasca API False
forwarder.enabled Enable deploying the forwarder false
forwarder.replicaCount Replica count of Forwarder pods 1
forwarder.logging.debug Enable debug logging false
forwarder.logging.verbose Enable verbose logging true
forwarder.config.remote_api_url Versioned monasca api url to forward metrics to http://monasca:8070/v2.0
forwarder.config.monasca_project_id Project ID to forward metrics under 3564760a3dd44ae9bd6618d442fd758c
forwarder.config.use_insecure Use insecure when forwarding metrics false
forwarder.config.monasca_role Role to forward metrics under monasca-agent
forwarder.resources.requests.memory Memory request per forwarder pod 128Mi
forwarder.resources.requests.cpu CPU request per forwarder pod 50m
forwarder.resources.limits.memory Memory limit per forwarder pod 256Mi
forwarder.resources.limits.cpu Memory limit per forwarder pod 100m


Parameter Description Default Grafana container name grafana
granfa.enabled Grafana enabled true
grafana.simple_name Whether to use without prepending with .Release.Name false
grafana.image.repository Grafana container image repository monasca/grafana
grafana.image.tag Grafana container image tag 4.1.0-pre1-1.0.0
grafana.image.pullPolicy Grafana container image pull policy IfNotPresent
grafana.service.port Grafana service port 3000
grafana.service.type Grafana service type NodePort
grafana.resources.requests.memory Memory request per grafana pod 64Mi
grafana.resources.requests.cpu CPU request per grafana pod 50m
grafana.resources.limits.memory Memory limit per grafana pod 128Mi
grafana.resources.limits.cpu Memory limit per grafana pod 100m


Parameter Description Default Keystone container name keystone
keystone.enabled Keystone enable flag. If false each micro service using keystone will use the override keystone variables true
keystone.override.public_url Keystone external url for public endpoint http://keystone:35357
keystone.override.admin_url Keystone external url for admin endpoint http://keystone:5000
keystone.image.repository Keystone container image repository monasca/keystone
keystone.image.tag Keystone container image tag 1.0.7
keystone.image.pullPolicy Keystone container image pull policy IfNotPresent
keystone.bootstrap.user Keystone bootstrap username admin
keystone.bootstrap.password Keystone bootstrap password secretadmin
keystone.bootstrap.project Keystone bootstrap project admin
keystone.bootstrap.role Keystone bootstrap role admin
keystone.bootstrap.service Keystone bootstrap service keystone
keystone.bootstrap.region Keystone bootstrap region RegionOne
keystone.database_backend Keystone backend database mysql
keystone.mysql.database Keystone mysql database keystone
keystone.replicaCount Keystone pod replicas 1
keystone.service.type Keystone service type ClusterIP
keystone.service.port Keystone service port 35357
keystone.service.admin_port Keystone admin service port 5000
keystone.service.admin_node_port Keystone admin service node port if service type is NodePort ``
keystone.service.node_port Keystone service node port if service type is NodePort ``
keystone.users.mini_mon.password Keystone container image pull policy password
keystone.users.monasca_agent.password Keystone container image pull policy password
keystone.users.admin.password Keystone container image pull policy secretadmin
keystone.users.demo.password Keystone container image pull policy secretadmin
keystone.users.monasca_read_only.password Keystone container image pull policy password
keystone.resources.requests.memory Memory request per keystone pod 256Mi
keystone.resources.requests.cpu CPU request per keystone pod 100m
keystone.resources.limits.memory Memory limit per keystone pod 1Gi
keystone.resources.limits.cpu Memory limit per keystone pod 500m


Parameter Description Default
influxdb.enabled Influxdb enabled true
influxdb.imageTag Tag to use from library/mysql 5.6
influxdb.image.repository docker repository for influxdb influxdb
influxdb.imagePullPolicy K8s pull policy for influxdb image IfNotPresent
influxdb.persistence.enabled If true, enable persistent storage false
influxdb.persistence.storageClass K8s storage class to use for persistence default
influxdb.persistence.accessMode PVC access mode ReadWriteOnce
influxdb.persistence.size PVC request size 100Gi
influxdb.resources.requests.memory Memory request 256Mi
influxdb.resources.requests.cpu CPU request 100m
influxdb.resources.limits.memory Memory limit 16Gi
influxdb.resources.limits.cpu CPU limit 500m
influxdb.config.http.bind_address API Port 8086 CPU limit 1073741824

Influxdb Init Job

Parameter Description Default
influx_init.enabled Influxdb initialization job enabled true
influx_init.image.repository docker repository for influx init monasca/influxdb-init
influx_init.image.tag Docker image tag 1.0.0
influx_init.image.pullPolicy Kubernetes pull policy for image IfNotPresent
influx_init.shard_duration Influxdb shard duration 1d
influx_init.default_retention Influxdb retention INF


Parameter Description Default
mysql.enabled MySQL enabled true
mysql.imageTag Tag to use from library/mysql 5.6
mysql.imagePullPolicy K8s pull policy for mysql image IfNotPresent
mysql.persistence.enabled If true, enable persistent storage false
mysql.persistence.storageClass K8s storage class to use for persistence default
mysql.persistence.accessMode PVC access mode ReadWriteOnce
mysql.persistence.size PVC request size 10Gi
mysql.resources.requests.memory Memory request 256Mi
mysql.resources.requests.cpu CPU request 100m
mysql.resources.limits.memory Memory limit 1Gi
mysql.resources.limits.cpu CPU limit 500m
mysql.users.keystone.username Keystone MySQL username keystone
mysql.users.keystone.password Keystone MySQL password keystone
mysql.users.api.username API MySQL username monapi
mysql.users.api.password API MySQL password password
mysql.users.notification.username Notification MySQL username notification
mysql.users.notification.password Notification MySQL password password
mysql.users.thresh.username Thresh MySQL username thresh
mysql.users.thresh.password Thresh MySQL password password
mysql.users.grafana.username Grafana MySQL username grafana
mysql.users.grafana.password Grafana MySQL password password

MySQL Init Job

Parameter Description Default
mysql_init.enabled MySQL initialization job enabled true
mysql_init.image.repository docker repository for mysql-init monasca/mysql-init
mysql_init.image.tag Docker image tag 1.2.0
mysql_init.image.pullPolicy Kubernetes pull polify for image IfNotPresent
mysql_init.disable_remote_root If true, disable root account after init finishes successfully true
mysql_init.keystone_db_enabled Setup Keystone Database. Use false with an external Keystone true
mysql_init.create_mon_users Create the Database users for Monasca true
mysql_init.grafana_db_enabled Setup Grafana Database true


Parameter Description Default Notification container name notification
notification.enabled Notification engine enabled flag true
notification.image.repository Notification container image repository monasca/notification
notification.image.tag Notification container image tag master
notification.image.pullPolicy Notification container image pull policy IfNotPresent
notification.replicaCount Notification pod replica count 1
notification.log_level Notification log level WARN
notification.plugins Notification plugins enabled pagerduty,webhook Notification email plugin configuration is defined false SMTP server address `` SMTP server port `` SMTP username `` SMTP password `` "from" field for emails sent, e.g. "Name" ``
notification.plugin_config.webhook.timeout Webhook timeout 5
notification.plugin_config.hipchat.ssl_certs Path to SSL certs ``
notification.plugin_config.hipchat.timeout Hipchat timeout 5
notification.plugin_config.hipchat.insecure Insecure when sending to Hipchat ``
notification.plugin_config.hipchat.proxy if set, use the given HTTP(S) proxy server to send Hipchat notifications ``
notification.plugin_config.slack.timeout Notification slack timeout 5
notification.plugin_config.slack.certs Path to Slack certs ``
notification.plugin_config.slack.insecure Insecure when sending to Slack ``
notification.plugin_config.slack.proxy if set, use the given HTTP(S) proxy server to send Slack notifications ``
notification.resources.requests.memory Memory request per notification pod 128Mi
notification.resources.requests.cpu CPU request per notification pod 50m
notification.resources.limits.memory Memory limit per notification pod 256Mi
notification.resources.limits.cpu Memory limit per notification pod 100m


Parameter Description Default Persister container name persister
persister.image.repository Persister container image repository monasca/persister
persister.image.tag Persister container image tag master
persister.image.pullPolicy Persister container image pull policy IfNotPresent
persister.replicaCount Persister pod replica count 1
persister.influxdb.user Persister influx username mon_persister
persister.influxdb.password Persister influx password password
persister.influxdb.database Persister influx database mon
persister.logging.debug Persister debug logging enabled false
persister.logging.verbose Persister verbose logging enabled true
persister.resources.requests.memory Memory request per persister pod 128Mi
persister.resources.requests.cpu CPU request per persister pod 50m
persister.resources.limits.memory Memory limit per persister pod 256Mi
persister.resources.limits.cpu Memory limit per persister pod 100m

Threshold Engine

Parameter Description Default Thresh container name thresh
thresh.image.repository Thresh container image repository monasca/thresh
thresh.image.tag Thresh container image tag master
thresh.image.pullPolicy Thresh container image pull policy IfNotPresent
thresh.use_local Run in local mode true
thresh.secretSuffix MySQL secret suffix mysql-thresh-secret
thresh.spout.metricSpoutThreads Amount of metric spout threads 2
thresh.spout.metricSpoutTasks Amount of metric spout tasks 2
thresh.wait.retries Number of startup connection attempts to make before giving up 24
thresh.wait.delay Seconds to wait between retries 5
thresh.wait.timeout Attempt connection timeout in seconds 10
thresh.memory_ratio Ratio of memory to reserve for the JVM out of cgroup limit .85
thresh.stack_size JVM stack size 1024k

Storm-specific options are documented in the Storm chart.

Storm is disabled and the Threshold Engine is run without Storm by default. To run the Threshold Engine with Storm, set storm.enabled to true and thresh.enabled to false.

Tempest Tests

Parameter Description Default Tempest Test container name tempest-tests
tempest_test.enabled If True, run Tempest Tests False
tempest_tests.image.repository Tempest Test container image repository monasca/tempest-tests
tempest_tests.image.tag Tempest Test container image tag 1.0.0
tempest_tests.image.pullPolicy Tempest Test container image pull policy IfNotPresent
tempest_test.wait.enabled Enable Monasca API available checks True
tempest_test.wait.retries Retries for Monasca API available checks 24
tempest_test.wait.delay Sleep time between Monasca API retries 5
tempest_test.keystone.os_password Password for Keystone User password
tempest_test.keystone.os_project_domain_name User Project Domain Name Default
tempest_test.keystone.os_project_name User Project Name mini-mon
tempest_test.keystone.os_username Keystone User Name mini-mon
tempest_test.keystone.os_tenant_name Keystone User Tenant(Project) Name mini-mon
tempest_test.keystone.os_domain_name Keystone User Domain Name Default
tempest_test.keystone.alt_username Alternate User Name mini-mon
tempest_test.keystone.alt_password Alternate User Password password
tempest_test.keystone.auth_use_ssl Use https for keystone Auth URI False
tempest_test.keystone.keystone_server Keystone Server Name keystone
tempest_test.keystone.keystone_port Keystone Server Port 35357
tempest_test.keystone.use_dynamic_creds Whether to recreate creds for each test run True
tempest_test.keystone.admin_username Keystone Admin Domain Name mini-mon
tempest_test.keystone.admin_password Keystone Admin Domain Name password
tempest_test.keystone.admin_domain_name Keystone Admin Domain Name Default
tempest_test.keystone.ostestr_regex Selects which tests to run monasca_tempest_tests
tempest_test.keystone.stay_alive_on_failure If true, container runs 2 hours after tests fail False

Smoke Tests

Parameter Description Default Smoke Test container name smoke-tests
smoke_tests.enabled If True, run Smoke Test when using helm test True
smoke_tests.image.repository Smoke Test container image repository monasca/smoke-tests
smoke_tests.image.tag Smoke Test container image tag 1.0.0
smoke_tests.image.pullPolicy Smoke Test container image pull policy IfNotPresent
smoke_tests.keystone.username Keystone User Name mini-mon
smoke_tests.keystone.password Keystone User Tenant Name mini-mon
smoke_tests.keystone.tenant_name Keystone Domain name Default

Alarm Definition Controller

Parameter Description Default Alarm Definition Controller container name alarm-definition-controller
alarm_definition_controller.resource_enabled If True, create Alarm Definition third party resource True
alarm_definition_controller.controller_enabled If True, create Alarm Definition Controller True
alarm_definition_controller.image.repository Alarm Definition Controller container image repository monasca/alarm-definition-controller
alarm_definition_controller.image.tag Alarm Definition Controller container image tag 1.0.0
alarm_definition_controller.image.pullPolicy Alarm Definition Controller container image pull policy IfNotPresent
alarm_definition_controller.version Alarm Definition Controller version v1
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