Currently a chrome extension which will allow you to remote control any website trough an automatic generated interface.
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Webscreener (Prototype, Alpha)

Currently a chrome extension which will allow you nearly real time remote control of any website trough an automatic generated interface.


Remote control for any website (current prototype only). Add click events to any html element and activate them trough the web interface in the showen url. You need to install a google chrome extension to use the remote control. For a better understanding take a look at the presentation:


In order to get it running on your local machine do the following steps:

  • web connection (for the vimeo page only)

  • Start the meteor server like described in 1.

  • Activate the chrome extension like described in 2.

1. How to start the server on localhost

  • Ensure you are on the latest nodeJS and meteor or meteorite version

  • open the console and go into the folder, where you cloned this repository to

  • start the meteor server with port 80 like 'meteor --port 80'

2. How to use the extension on vimeo

  • Load the unpacked extension from /pulic/chrome_extension/ via

  • Activate the extension if it isnt and go to a new Vimeo-Video-Subpage like

  • In the top right corner will show up a URL, open the url in any device with internet connection

  • Try the available command buttons to remote-control this vimeo subpage.

  • Try to add Event-Trigger by yourself by (experimental!)

    a) click Button "select Listener"

    b) click on HTML element

    c) click Button "add Listener"

If successful it should look like


Used technology

websockets, node js via meteor, chrome extension system, mongodb

Development Notes

Using a basic structure

Working with custom MongoDB [export MONGO_URL='mongodb://localhost:27017/webscreener]

Working with meteorite

Working with router package - Alternative would be Backbone.Router - Alternative would be

Working with accounts-base

Working with http

Working with "accounts-anonymous": { "git": "" }

Working with

Using a Chrome Extension


To run another port use "mrt --port 5000"

To do

Datatype check on chrome extension side (when receiving data from server)

Datatype check on server side (when receiving data from clients)

Make always connection from Chrome Extension as Viewer per default

Close all remote controll connections if Viewer is dead?