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Node.js and JavaScript SDK for developing over the platform


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The SDK provides a toolset for application developers to build features and solutions on top of the Work OS platform. You'll find this SDK useful if you want to:

  • Access account data from your application, by utilizing the GraphQL client
  • Build Board Views & Dashboard Widgets that extend the UI
  • Build Integrations & Automations using your own external services and business logic

The SDK contains methods for server-side and client-side application development. Client-side capabilities assume a valid user session is present (and can seamlessly act on behalf of that user), while server-side methods can be used to access features using explicit credentials but without any client-side code.


Using as an npm module

Install the SDK as a module:

npm install monday-sdk-js --save

Then import into your project:

import mondaySdk from "monday-sdk-js";
const monday = mondaySdk();

As a <script> tag directly in your HTML code

You can also load the SDK directly into your HTML code by adding:

  <script src=""></script>

and then initialize the SDK anywhere in the page by declaring:

const monday = window.mondaySdk()


To get started, check out the SDK Documentation