Delphi library to send messages on Slack using slackbot
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Delphi library to send messages on slack using slackbot.

Enabling Slackbot integrations on Slack

Before using this library to post messages to Slack, you must enable the Slackbot integration for your team and get your URL. Please, read the Slack documentation to learn how to do it.


You can either use TSlackbot reading the URL and channel from the environment or passing directly to the method.


Read the URL and Channel from the SLACKBOT_URL and SLACKBOT_CHANNEL environment variables, respectively:

TSlackbot.Send('My message');

Only read the URL from the environment:

TSlackbot.Send('#my_channel', 'My message');

Use the URL and channel provided in the method params:

URL := '';
TSlackbot.Send(URL, '#my_channel', 'My message');


The default implementation uses Indy and OpenSSL for posting the message, so you must have the libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll on your application path.

Executing the tests

You need DUnitX do run the tests.

  • Clone the DUnitX repository locally
  • Define a DUNITX environment variable, pointing to the DUnitX clone directory.


If you got something that's worth including into the project please submit a Pull Request or open an issue for further discussion.


This software is open source, licensed under the The MIT License (MIT). See LICENSE for details.