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# here are the settings that are common to all environments
common: &default_settings
# You must specify your Exceptional API key here.
# Exceptional creates a separate log file from your application's logs
# available levels are debug, info, warn, error, fatal
log-level: info
# The exceptional agent sends data via regular http by default
# Setting this value to true will send data over SSL, increasing security
# There will be an additional CPU overhead in encrypting the data, however
# as long as your deployment environment is not Passenger (mod_rails), this
# happens in the background so as not to incur a page wait for your users.
ssl: false
<<: *default_settings
# Normally no reason to collect exceptions in development
# NOTE: for trial purposes you may want to enable exceptional in development
enabled: false
<<: *default_settings
# No reason to collect exceptions when running tests by default
enabled: false
<<: *default_settings
enabled: true
# It's common development practice to have a staging environment that closely
# mirrors production, by default catch errors in this environment too.
<<: *default_settings
enabled: true