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MMS2R by Mike Mondragon

MMS2R is a library that decodes the parts of a MMS message to disk while stripping out advertising injected by the mobile carriers. MMS messages are multipart email and the carriers often inject branding into these messages. Use MMS2R if you want to get at the real user generated content from a MMS without having to deal with the cruft from the carriers.

If MMS2R is not aware of a particular carrier no extra processing is done to the MMS other than decoding and consolidating its media.

MMS2R can be used to process any multipart email to conveniently access the parts the mail is comprised of.

Contact the author to add additional carriers to be processed by the library. Suggestions and patches appreciated and welcomed!

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Corpus of carriers currently processed by MMS2R:

  • 1nbox/Idea:
  • 3 Ireland:
  • Alltel:
  • AT&T/Cingular/Legacy:,,,,,,
  • Bell Canada:
  • Bell South / Suncom / SBC Global:,
  • Cricket Wireless:
  • Dobson/Cellular One:
  • Helio:
  • Hutchison 3G UK Ltd:
  • LUXGSM S.A.:
  • Maroc Telecom /
  • MTM South Africa:
  • NetCom (Norway):
  • Nextel:
  • O2 Germany:
  • O2 UK:
  • Orange & Regional Oranges:,,
  • PLSPICTURES.COM mms hosting:
  • PXT New Zealand:
  • Rogers of Canada:
  • SaskTel:,,
  • Sprint:,,
  • T-Mobile:,,
  • TELUS Corporation (Canada):,
  • U.S. Cellular:
  • UAE MMS:
  • Unicel:, (note: mobile number is tucked away in a text/plain part for
  • Verizon:,,
  • Virgin Mobile:,,,
  • Virgin Mobile of Canada:
  • Vodacom:
  • Cincinnati Bell:

Corpus of smart phones known to MMS2R:

  • Apple iPhone variants
  • Blackberry / Research In Motion variants
  • Casio variants
  • Droid variants
  • Google / Nexus One variants
  • HTC variants (T-Mobile Dash, Sprint HERO)
  • LG Electronics variants
  • Motorola variants
  • Pantech variants
  • Qualcom variants
  • Samsung variants
  • Sprint variants
  • UTStarCom variants

As Seen On The Internets - sites known to be using MMS2R in some fashion


  • #default_media and #default_text methods return a File that can be used in attachment_fu or Paperclip
  • #process supports blocks for enumerating over the content of the MMS
  • #process can be made lazy when :process => :lazy is passed to new
  • logging is enabled when :logger => your_logger is passed to new
  • an mms instance acts like a Mail object, any methods not defined on the instance are delegated to it's underlying Mail object
  • #device_type? returns a symbol representing a device or smartphone type. Known smartphones thus far: iPhone, BlackBerry, T-Mobile Dash, Droid, Samsung


MMS2R, Making email useful


    require 'mms2r'
  rescue LoadError
    require 'rubygems'
    require 'mms2r'

  # required for the example
  require 'fileutils'

  mail ='some_saved_mail.file'))
  puts "mail has default carrier subject" if mail.subject.empty?

  # access the sender's phone number
  puts "mail was from phone #{mail.number}"

  # most mail are either image or video, default_media will return the largest
  # (non-advertising) video or image found
  file = mail.default_media
  puts "mail had a media: #{file.inspect}" unless file.nil?

  # finds the largest (non-advertising) text found
  file = mail.default_text
  puts "mail had some text: #{file.inspect}" unless file.nil?

  # is a hash that is indexed by mime-type.
  # The mime-type key returns an array of filepaths
  # to media that were extract from the mail and
  # are of that type['image/jpeg'].each {|f| puts "#{f}"}['text/plain'].each {|f| puts "#{f}"}

  # print the text (assumes mail had text)
  text = IO.readlines(['text/plain'].first).join
  puts text

  # save the image (assumes mail had a jpeg)
  FileUtils.cp['image/jpeg'].first, '/some/where/useful', :verbose => true

  puts "does the mail have quicktime video? #{!['video/quicktime'].nil?}"

  puts "plus run anything that Mail provides, e.g. #{}"

  # check if the mail is from a mobile phone
  puts "mail is from a mobile phone #{mail.is_mobile?}"

  # determine the device type of the phone
  puts "mail is from a mobile phone of type #{mail.device_type?}"

  # inspect default media's exif data if exifr gem is installed and default
  # media is a jpeg or tiff
  puts "mail's default media's exif data is:"
  puts mail.exif.inspect

  # Block support, process and receive all media types of video.
  mail.process do |media_type, files|
    # assumes a Clip model that is an AttachmentFu
    Clip.create(:uploaded_data => files.first, :title => "From phone") if media_type =~ /video/

  # Another AttachmentFu example, Picture model is an AttachmentFu
  picture =
  picture.title = mail.subject
  picture.uploaded_data = mail.default_media!

  #remove all the media that was put to temporary disk


  • Mail (mail)
  • Nokogiri (nokogiri)
  • UUIDTools (uuidtools)
  • EXIF Reader (exif)


sudo gem install mms2r


git clone git://


Copyright (c) 2007-2012 by Mike Mondragon blog

MMS2R's Flickr page