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Simple Icons Blender addon. Add 2D SVG brand icons to Blender easily.

Requires Blender v2.93.0 or greater.

Verify Workflow


Download the addon using the next link:

If you want to install another version of Simple Icons, change the version number in the link.


Under Edit -> Preferences -> Add-ons, press on Install and select the downloaded file:

Search for Simple Icons in the search bar and enable the addon marking the top-left checkbox:


You can load icons from the 3D Viewport in object mode clicking on Add -> Curve -> Simple Icons:

All icons are operators, so you can directly load one through the Menu Search (Edit -> Menu Search):

After loading the icon, you can use the built-in panel "Simple transform" to define the size, location and rotation easily.

Is placed inside the "Item" tab at the top right of the 3D viewport:

This panel will only be shown when you select a Curve object as the active one.