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NOTE: this project has been migrated to the Eclipse Foundation infrastructure. Please visit the official project website:

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Public repository for the prototype of the Hawk scalable model indexing system, under the Eclipse 2.0 license with GNU GPL 3.0 as secondary license.

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The core components of Hawk and the OrientDB/Greycat backends can be installed from this EPLv2.0-licensed update site:

The Neo4j backend can be installed from this GPLv3-licensed site. If you use this, your Hawk installation will be under the GPLv3:

There are client libraries targeting Java, JavaScript and C++ for talking with a Hawk server. The Java library is available under plugins-server, in the api project. To download the JavaScript or C++ client libraries, check our Bintray repository at:

Bintray also hosts CI-built versions of the Thrift-based Hawk server and CLI clients, which are headless Eclipse products. Download the latest .zip of the CLI Thrift client (hawk-cli_*.zip) or server (hawk-server-nogpl_*.zip), unzip it and it's ready to run!

The wiki contains various resources for users and developers, including a user manual and links to screencasts and scientific papers.

If you have questions, please visit the official Eclipse Hawk forum.


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