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What is the Monero Ecosystem project?

Many Monero related repositories are on GitHub and some are very interesting and important, but they are often uploaded on personal accounts. This limits the visibility of the repository, making contributions and maintenance much harder.  

The goal of the 'Monero Ecosystem' is to gather all relevant repositories in just one place, easy to find and manage for both maintainers and contributors.
Feel free to open an issue if you have suggestions/proposals.


Repository Description Maintainer(s)
Meta Meta repository for general management of the Monero Ecosystem project erciccione Website of the Ecosystem Lafudoci
Revuo-Monero The quarterly Revuo Monero rehrar
monero-GUI-guide Guide for the Monero GUI Wallet erciccione
Stellumo A project to render the entire Monero blockchain as fractal art Starmute
promo-video Text and translations of all the community videos ajs-xmr
Monero-Crypto-Lock Programmable locks via public-key cryptography using Monero dougbebber
monero-pgp-messenger Send PGP encrypted messages via Monero/IPFS ajs-xmr
XMR-ETA A tool predicts the Estimated Time of Arrival of Monero (XMR) transaction Lafudoci
dont-buy-monero-sticker The 'Don't buy Monero' sticker. Print it and spread it! emesik, erciccione
slow-hash Implementation of Monero's hash function in pure python NoThisIsPatrik
monero-designs Collection of designs for Monero Rehrar
monero-translations General management repo for the Monero Localization Workgroup erciccione
qml-xmr Mock QML components for Monero-GUI xmrdsc
outreach-docs Monero's community outreach and education wing lh1008, erciccione
moneriote-python Python scripts to maintain Monero opennodes DNS records Lafudoci
python-monerorpc Improved version of python-jsonrpc for Monero (monerod rpc, monero-wallet-rpc) normoes
monero-java Java interface for managing a Monero wallet woodser
submit-tx-via-tor Bash script to submit raw Monero transactions over Tor xmrdsc
Pymonero Fork of monero-project/monero to deliver python c++ bindings ehanoc
MoneroBox MoneroBox aims to make a plug-and-play, zero-configuration Monero full node running on a Single-Board-Computer such as Rock64 and Raspberry Pi 3 Jasonhcwong
Monero-Javascript Monero wallet and daemon JavaScript API Woodser
Monero-Python A comprehensive Python module for handling Monero cryptocurrency emesik
go-monero-rpc-client Client for the Monero RPC (wallet and daemon) in golang omani
monero-rpc-rs RPC client written in Rust for Monero daemon and wallet vorot93
vanity-monero Generate vanity address for Monero Equim-chan
MoneroTipper Non-custodial Monero tip bot for Reddit dginovker
go-xmrto-client client written in Go omani
telegram-monerotipbot Monero tip bot for Telegram omani
xmrto_wrapper Python wrapper for normoes
PiNode-XMR Monero Node for Single Board Computers shermand100
monero-cpp-library A C++ library for using Monero Woodser
monero_scripts Helper scripts for monero normoes
monero_health Information about the Monero daemon health. normoes
csharp-monero-rpc-client Wallet and daemon client to interface with Monero's JSON-RPC API, built on .netstandard2.1. Agorist-Action

Join the Ecosystem!

If you have a monero related repository you want to add, open an issue in the 'meta' repository, saying why you want to join us and what you plan for your project. You'll be added as a member of the project and all permissions, commits, history, licenses will be inalterated and you will be the maintainer, with no differences from before, but you will get the shiny 'Monero Ecosystem' badge on GitHub. Please, ask to transfer a repo only if you plan to keep it updated.  

Transfering a repo on the Monero Ecosystem means that the repository will be moved from the personal account, not cloned or mirrored and all development will happen inside the project 'Monero Ecosystem'. This means that the maintainers, if for some reason prefer to keep a personal fork, shouldn't commit on their personal clone and only keep it as a mirror, or the risk is to create confusion for both users/contributors (which could not have clear which one is the active repo) and maintainers (which could create conflicts between the repos or mess up the git history). The repository is still owned by the maintainer and can be moved back to the personal profile in any moment, if desired.  

Be aware that when you transfer the repository, the founder of the Monero Ecosystem project (ErCiccione), will have push access to the repo. This is something not avoidable, GitHub gives to the founder admin access to all the repositories in the project. Obviously, these powers will never be used and hopefully, sometime in the future, GitHub will give the possibility to not give the founder of the project god-access to the repositories.

Governance system

When a repo maintainer joins the ecosystem (s)he becomes part of our governance system, where all maintainers have equal power and decide how the project is structured and maintained. The governance system works as follow:

  • The team who decide which proposals should be included and which not is composed by all repo maintainers inside the ecosystem.
  • Proposals to add and remove a new repository should be posted on the meta repo using the issue tracker.
  • A repository will be accepted/removed when 50%+1 of the maintainers participating to the discussion reach consensus.
  • Substantial decisions about the Monero Ecosystem project shall be made using the same system as for the precedent point.
  • Maintainers shall declare their intention of vote using: the 'thumb up' (+1) or 'thumb down' (-1) buttons on GitHub, commenting with ACK (Acknowledged) or NACK (Not Acknowledged) or clearly expressing their vote.

Credits to The Monera for logo and banner


General management, info and governance of the Ecosystem project







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