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The Monero Ecosystem

What's the purpose of this project?

Many Monero related repositories are on GitHub and some are very interesting and important, but they are often uploaded on personal accounts. This limits the visibility of the repository, making contributions and maintenance much harder.  

The goal of the 'Monero Ecosystem' is to gather all relevant repositories in just one place, easy to find and manage for both maintainers and contributors.
Feel free to open an issue if you have suggestions/proposals.

Transfer your repo!

If you have a monero related repository you want to add, open an issue or contact erciccione, so we can transfer it to the "Monero Ecosystem". You'll be added as a member of the project and all permissions, commits, history, licenses will be inalterated and you will be the maintainer, with no differences from before, but you will get the shiny 'Monero Ecosystem' badge on GitHub. Please, ask to transfer a repo only if you plan to keep it updated.

Repositories cointained in this project

  • Meta - meta repository for general management of the Monero Ecosystem project - Maintained by erciccione
  • The Revuo Monero - The quarterly Revuo Monero - Maintained by rehrar
  • The Guide for the GUI wallet - Guide for the Monero GUI Wallet - Maintained by erciccione
  • The monero meetup-kit-localization repository - Documents of the Monero Meetup kit that need to be translated - Maintained by erciccione
  • The Monero flyer - Maintained by erciccione and SamsungGalaxyPlayer
  • Stellumo - A project to render the entire Monero blockchain as fractal art - Maintained by Starmute
  • promo-video - Text and translations of all the community videos - Maintained by ajs-xmr
  • Monero-Crypto-Lock - Programmable locks via public-key cryptography using Monero - Maintained by dougbebber
  • monero-pgp-messenger - Send PGP encrypted messages via Monero/IPFS - Maintained by ajs-xmr
  • XMR-ETA - A tool predicts the Estimated Time of Arrival of Monero (XMR) transaction - Maintained by Lafudoci
  • 'Don't buy Monero' sticker - The 'Don't buy Monero' sticker. Print it and spread it! - Maintained by emesik
  • slow-hash - Implementation of Monero's hash function in pure python - Maintained by NoThisIsPatrik
  • monero-designs - Collection of designs for Monero - Maintained by Rehrar
  • monero-translations - General management repo for the Monero Localization Workgroup - Maintained by ErCiccione
  • qml-xmr - Mock QML components for Monero-GUI - Maintained by skftn
  • outreach-docs - Monero's community outreach and education wing - Maintained by lh1008, ErCiccione and xmrhaelan
  • moneriote-python - Python scripts to maintain Monero opennodes DNS records - Maintained by Lafudoci
  • python-monerorpc - Improved version of python-jsonrpc for Monero (monerod rpc, monero-wallet-rpc) - Maintained by normoes
  • monero-java-rpc - Java interface for managing a Monero wallet - Maintained by woodser
  • submit-tx-via-tor - Bash script to submit raw Monero transactions over Tor - Maintained bt skftn  

Warning: All repositories in this project are maintained by community members and not by the Monero Core Team. Make your own researches before using any projects stored in these repositories.  

Logo by The Monera