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Monero Localization Workgroup

The Monero localization Workgroup takes care of the internationalization of all things Monero. Basically, we are the folks who make sure all the tools, wallets, documentation and website are translated in as many languages as possible, so that more and more people can use Monero and take part in this revolution. This workgroup is one of the oldest and more active in the Monero Community.

At the moment we manage the internationalization of many projects. The most important are:

There isn't a complete list of projects we work on. We are just a group of individuals who coordinate to provide high quality translations and to give guidelines and support to other translators.

If you wish to help with translations, best is to contact the Localization Workgroup, so to have an idea of what are the priorities at the moment, you can find a list of contacts at the bottom of this readme. If you prefer, you can directly start working on some projects (like the Monero GUI and CLI wallets) by yourself. Thanks to our Localization Platform (Weblate), translators aren't required any particular technical skill: Just sign in, look for your language and translate the missing strings!

If you need help with Weblate, no problem! Just take a look at the guide in the list below, it will guide you step-by-step. If something is not clear, just contact us and we will be happy to help!.

Content of this repo

This repository stores documents, guides and discussions. Feel free to suggest new material and open pull requests.
For coordination, updates and announcements it's strongly suggested to join the chat #monero-translations. More info in the 'Contacts' section.


Terminology guides

These are glossaries created by the members of the Localization workgroup. They help translators to find the best translation for technical terms. They also help to keep translations consistent between different projects. These terminology guides are implemented as glossaries on Weblate and along with translation memories are a very important tool to enforce consistency between translations.
The glossaries are stored in the terminology-guides folder available for these languages:

Glossaries are meant to give consistency and stability to the terminology used in a language, that's why they shouldn't be easily edited. For this reason all glossaries are stored in this repository and can be edited only after the changes are discussed at lenght in a pull request or issue.

Subtitles of the 'Monero Means Money' Movie

See the README in the moneromovie folder



General management repo for the Monero Localization Workgroup



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