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Follow the instructions to translate Monerujo, the android wallet developed by the Monero community.

Monerujo's repository can be found here, the 3 files that need to be translated are inside this folder.

Add a new language

Follow these steps to add a new translation:

  1. Create an account on github
  2. create a new folder under xmrwallet/app/src/main/res named values-LANGCODE (e.g the Italian folder will be named values-it)
  3. copy from the folder xmrwallet/app/src/main/res/values the 3 needed files: about.xml help.xml strings.xml and put them in the values-LANGCODE folder
  4. Now everything is ready and you only need to translate the files inside the folder

Update an already existing language

Monerujo is actively developed which means that sometimes new strings are added to the codebase. When a new string is added it will be enclosed in squared brackets (e.g <string name="menu_changepw">[Change Passphrase]</string>) so that a translator can easily find it by searching for ]</string>. See this issue on GitHub for reference.

Example: You speak Spanish and you want to make sure all strings in values-es/strings.xml are translated. So you open the file, open the 'search' field and paste ]</string>and you'll see some highlighted fields. Those need to be translated, and the square brackets [ ] removed. Also, remember to check the other localizable file: help.xml, if you find some english parts, those need to be translated


There are a couple of things to keep in mind when working on a translation:

  • Do not translate Monerujo's license, but the 'privacy policy' should be translated
  • Keep the translated strings as short as possible. Remember monerujo is a mobile wallet, the space is very limited
  • some strings have the attribute translatable="false">, they must not be translated. You have to remove them (the entire <string `translatable="false">text + newline) from the translated file
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