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Mock QML components for Monero-GUI
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A lightweight QML scene that resembles the Monero GUI. Solves the problem of having to wait on 10 second compiles.

What is it not?

This is not a replacement of the Monero GUI. It is meant to make individual screens or components.

Project layout

Included in this repository are:

  • Folder qml-xmr contains a simple Qt/QML program that you should put into /usr/local/bin/ after compiling
  • Folder app contains an example Qt application that uses a Monero component.


  • Sublime Text 3 or any other IDE
  • Qt 5.9 or higher
  • CMake >= 3.10
qmake --version
QMake version 3.0
Using Qt version 5.9.7 in /home/dsc/Qt5.9/5.9.7/gcc_64/lib

Make sure to correctly set your environment. Consult qtchooser -print-env


cd qml-xmr
cmake . -DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=/home/dsc/Qt5.9/5.9.7/gcc_64
sudo make install

If cmake cannot find your Qt installation, or it finds the wrong version use (replace path):

Compiled binary will be found at /usr/local/bin/qml-xmr.


Folder monero-gui is the submodule that includes the Monero GUI. In app/ there are several symlinks pointing to this submodule.

Update it regularly, or alternatively symlink it to your own local version of the Monero-GUI.

git submodule init
git submodule update

Development workflow

The recommended way is to use the Sublime Text 3 to edit app/Mock.qml. Launch Sublime Text 3 and make a new build system:

  1. Open Sublime Text 3
  2. File->Open Folder
  3. Select the app/ folder
  4. In the sidebar open Mock.qml
  5. Go to Tools->Build System->New Build System
  6. Paste the following:
    "shell_cmd": "qml-xmr $file_path/monero-gui.qml"
  1. Save the file as qml-xmr.sublime-build
  2. Go to Tools->Build System and select qml-xmr

Modify Mock.qml as you please. Press CTRL-B to run the application.


app/monero-gui.qml is the entry point of the application, you shouldn't need to edit it. It includes Mock.qml automatically.

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