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Gitian assertions and signatures

This repo contains files asserting that various contributers have built Monero using a consistent process (reproducible builds with Gitian) and cryptographically signed the results of those builds.


Gitian uses a deterministic build process to allow multiple builders to create identical binaries. This allows multiple parties to sign the resulting binaries, guaranteeing that the binaries and tool chain were not tampered with and that the same source was used. It removes the build and distribution process as a single point of failure.

How to contribute

We need more contributors to build Monero and confirm the Gitian results. Please follow the gitian build instructions here.

Directory structure

Each release will have a directory in root, eg v0.14.1.0-linux/ Developers submitting their own gitian results will create a subdirectory matching their GitHub user name. Inside that directory, assert files from gitian and gpg signature files on those will be submitted.

Example for release v0.14.1.0:


If you are committing for the first time, add your pgp public key to the gitian-pubkeys directory in armored ASCII format and a filename of username.asc.

Verifying Gitian Signatures

The script can be used to verify existing gitian sigs. For example to verify all the signatures on the v0.14.1.0 assert files, run ./ v0.14.1.0. More information on how to use the script can be found by running ./ --help.

It is also possible to use the script to check the signatures of open pull requests. For example for pull request id 12 on github: ./ --pull_id 12 v0.14.1.0. Be aware that running this will change the content of your git tree by creating a new $pull_id_head and $pull_id_base branch. The script deletes these branches again on exit.

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