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cryptonote_format_utils: fix empty buffer hash

It was in the wrong byte order
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moneromooo-monero committed Mar 20, 2019
1 parent f2f725d commit 36c4370063de32132436c1f5ffd4b3d681eb77cc
Showing with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
  1. +1 −1 src/cryptonote_basic/cryptonote_format_utils.cpp
@@ -982,7 +982,7 @@ namespace cryptonote
if (t.version == 1)
return false;
static const crypto::hash empty_hash = { (char)0x70, (char)0xa4, (char)0x85, (char)0x5d, (char)0x04, (char)0xd8, (char)0xfa, (char)0x7b, (char)0x3b, (char)0x27, (char)0x82, (char)0xca, (char)0x53, (char)0xb6, (char)0x00, (char)0xe5, (char)0xc0, (char)0x03, (char)0xc7, (char)0xdc, (char)0xb2, (char)0x7d, (char)0x7e, (char)0x92, (char)0x3c, (char)0x23, (char)0xf7, (char)0x86, (char)0x01, (char)0x46, (char)0xd2, (char)0xc5 };
static const crypto::hash empty_hash = { (char)0xc5, (char)0xd2, (char)0x46, (char)0x01, (char)0x86, (char)0xf7, (char)0x23, (char)0x3c, (char)0x92, (char)0x7e, (char)0x7d, (char)0xb2, (char)0xdc, (char)0xc7, (char)0x03, (char)0xc0, (char)0xe5, (char)0x00, (char)0xb6, (char)0x53, (char)0xca, (char)0x82, (char)0x27, (char)0x3b, (char)0x7b, (char)0xfa, (char)0xd8, (char)0x04, (char)0x5d, (char)0x85, (char)0xa4, (char)0x70 };
const unsigned int unprunable_size = t.unprunable_size;
if (blob && unprunable_size)

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