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blockchain: simplify/speedup handle_get_objects

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moneromooo-monero committed Apr 18, 2018
1 parent f025ae9 commit ef2cb6328788e14e8d593593ea9b2b716d72d6bd
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  1. +8 −13 src/cryptonote_core/blockchain.cpp
@@ -1633,14 +1633,17 @@ bool Blockchain::handle_get_objects(NOTIFY_REQUEST_GET_OBJECTS::request& arg, NO
std::vector<std::pair<cryptonote::blobdata,block>> blocks;
get_blocks(arg.blocks, blocks, rsp.missed_ids);

for (const auto& bl: blocks)
for (auto& bl: blocks)
std::vector<crypto::hash> missed_tx_ids;
std::vector<cryptonote::blobdata> txs;

block_complete_entry& e = rsp.blocks.back();

// FIXME: s/rsp.missed_ids/missed_tx_id/ ? Seems like rsp.missed_ids
// is for missed blocks, not missed transactions as well.
get_transactions_blobs(bl.second.tx_hashes, txs, missed_tx_ids);
get_transactions_blobs(bl.second.tx_hashes, e.txs, missed_tx_ids);

if (missed_tx_ids.size() != 0)
@@ -1657,20 +1660,12 @@ bool Blockchain::handle_get_objects(NOTIFY_REQUEST_GET_OBJECTS::request& arg, NO
return false;

block_complete_entry& e = rsp.blocks.back();
//pack block
e.block = bl.first;
//pack transactions
for (const cryptonote::blobdata& tx: txs)
e.block = std::move(bl.first);
//get another transactions, if need
//get and pack other transactions, if needed
std::vector<cryptonote::blobdata> txs;
get_transactions_blobs(arg.txs, txs, rsp.missed_ids);
//pack aside transactions
for (const auto& tx: txs)
get_transactions_blobs(arg.txs, rsp.txs, rsp.missed_ids);

return true;

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