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Oxygen Orion, Major Point Release 2

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@binaryFate binaryFate released this 11 Apr 13:20
· 1787 commits to master since this release


This is the v0.17.2.0 point release of the Monero software. This release contains bug fixes and daemon stability improvements.

Some highlights of this point release are:

  • Only print blocked nodes once with --enable-dns-blocklist (#7295)
  • Fix Mac serialization compatibility issues (#7350)
  • Fix potential crash with Trezor (#7336)
  • Fix daemon crash with --db-sync-mode fastest (#7362)
  • Daemon stability improvements (#7309, #7390, #7459, #7615, #7621)
  • Bump OpenSSL dependency to 1.1.1k (#7637)
  • Minor bug fixes

Contributors for this Release

This release was the direct result of 9 people who worked, largely unpaid and altruistically, to put out 39 commits containing 1146 new lines of code. We'd like to thank them very much for their time and effort. In no particular order they are:

  • luigi1111
  • ndorf
  • moneromooo
  • anon
  • selsta
  • mj-xmr
  • sech1
  • hyc
  • ph4r05

Official Download Links

Windows, 64-bit
Windows, 32-bit
macOS, 64-bit
Linux, 64-bit
Linux, 32-bit
Linux, armv7
Linux, armv8
Android, armv7
Android, armv8
FreeBSD, 64-bit

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If you would like to verify that you have downloaded the correct file, please use the following SHA256 hashes:, 71e531a0f799c80e3f6319888bd5b85a737091b9bd5d66366cae036163857caf, c772070ebdfe9e0d6abda5073808e648e69f8c35f8010e66b80f45a6bdb01792
monero-mac-x64-v0.17.2.0.tar.bz2, 2e95dc107ab0dab36f5544bec040180264256e45407c383cfb45cfe328fe42e0
monero-linux-x64-v0.17.2.0.tar.bz2, 59e16c53b2aff8d9ab7a8ba3279ee826ac1f2480fbb98e79a149e6be23dd9086
monero-linux-x86-v0.17.2.0.tar.bz2, e8a39be486549908c10524d851a006c21c30b1a49142586aff0a17e7c4d46077
monero-linux-armv8-v0.17.2.0.tar.bz2, a004fad5348549e2f1610380775353f19db7cbca0cbe4acbfab87832c484da62
monero-linux-armv7-v0.17.2.0.tar.bz2, b5986d6dfbddee14e32b28305dd0dc6352c18b632f569227f2c7265ef7dc5081
monero-android-armv8-v0.17.2.0.tar.bz2, b8a353f02feaee9aae3d279c043ea33a32413a298d8b6122d00a65508f15169d
monero-android-armv7-v0.17.2.0.tar.bz2, 815341f7d46f75a8905f8b51932e1034a7f6b1669757ff48224632d08339d1bf
monero-freebsd-x64-v0.17.2.0.tar.bz2, 34ef5702a050298f48ccea7db992137bc98c8e6eba45ecd90b47ce0a4b7bf0f8

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