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URI Formatting

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URIs are useful for easy payment solutions, especially for the use of merchandising purposes by generating QR codes from the specification-regulated protocol scheme described below.

Its syntax follows RFC 3986. See URI scheme for explanation. Spaces must be x-www-urlencoded as %20.

TX Scheme

monero: [address <string>]

The following parameters can be optionally appended to the resulting URI:

Parameter Type Kind Description
address String hierarch. The raw address (or the openalias?).
tx_payment_id String ? The proposed payment ID of the transaction.
recipient_name String ? The proposed contact name of the recipient.
tx_amount Float query The proposed amount of the transaction in atomic currency units.
tx_description String fragment Describes the transaction which should be initiated.

Thus the resulting URI may look something like this:


Wallet Definition Scheme

The following scheme is proposed as a means of describing wallets. This scheme may be used for restoring.

monero_wallet: [address <string>]

Only one of mnemonic_seed and (spend_key,view_key) may/must be specified.

Parameter Type Description
address String Raw (95-character) address
spend_key Hex String Private spend key of a wallet.
view_key Hex String Private view key of a wallet.
mnemonic_seed String URL Encoded seed to restore a deterministic wallet.
height Long Block height when the wallet was created.

The resulting URI for a wallet may look like this:



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