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CVSROOT=$(shell cat etc/cvs.root)
PLUGIN_LIST=$(shell cat etc/plugin.list)
HOSTNAME:=$(shell hostname)
DATETIME:=$(shell date)
all: get-origs
get-origs: claws-mail-$(VERS).tar.gz claws-mail-extra-plugins-$(VERS).tar.gz
cvs -z3 -d$(CVSROOT) checkout -r gtk2 $@
cvs -z3 -d$(CVSROOT) checkout -r gtk2 $@
update-claws: claws
cd $< && cvs -z3 up -dP && cd ..
update-plugins: plugins
cd $< && cvs -z3 up -dP && cd ..
claws-dev: update-claws
rm -rf $@
cp -rp claws $@
plugins-dev: update-plugins
rm -rf $@
cp -rp plugins $@
claws-mail-extra-plugins-$(VERS): plugins-dev
for plugin in $(PLUGIN_LIST); do cd $</$$plugin && ./ && make dist && cd ../..; done
mkdir ./claws-mail-extra-plugins-$(VERS)
for plugin in $(PLUGIN_LIST); do tar -C ./claws-mail-extra-plugins-$(VERS) -xzf $</$$plugin/*.tar.gz; done
echo "Automatic build for plugins $(VERS) on $(HOSTNAME) at $(DATETIME)" > ./claws-mail-extra-plugins-$(VERS)/RELEASE_NOTES
claws-mail-$(VERS).tar.gz: claws-dev
cd claws-dev && ./ && make dist && cd ..
cp -v claws-dev/$@ .
claws-mail-extra-plugins-$(VERS).tar.gz: claws-mail-extra-plugins-$(VERS)
tar -czf $@ $<
rm -rf $<
rm -f claws-mail-$(VERS).tar.gz
rm -f claws-mail-extra-plugins-$(VERS).tar.gz
clean: clean-origs
rm -rf claws-dev plugins-dev
mrproper: clean
rm -rf claws plugins
.PHONY: get-origs clean mrproper clean-origs update-claws update-plugins
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