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Ichabod - Fast HTML rasterizer

Ichabod is a server process which accepts POSTed HTML and can rasterize (eg. render images) and evaluate JS in that HTML document. There is a focus on rendering speed.

It utilizes webkit from Qt to render HTML and evaluate JavaScript, and mongoose to parse incoming requests and return responses.


  • Fast rasterization of HTML.
  • Javascript interface for rasterization functions
  • Animated output using giflib.
  • High quality animated output using mediancut and other diffusion methods.
  • Python bindings available
  • X11 not required.
  • statsd support built in.

Related projects

Several excellent headless projects have previously blazed a trail:

Ichabod is free software/open source, and is distributed under the MIT.

Ichabod was created, and is maintained, by:

Thanks to support from:

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