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If you're using Flink to process your event stream, you can use Tranquility's BeamSink to send data to Druid. The BeamSink can be added to any DataStream object. The BeamSink requires a BeamFactory to propagate events. You will be overriding the makeBeam() function and within that using the DruidBeams builder's "buildBeam()" to build the beam. See the Configuration documentation for details.

It is recommended that you implement makeBeam as a lazy val so the Beam can be reused.

For example:

class SimpleEventBeamFactory extends BeamFactory[SimpleEvent]

  lazy val makeBeam: Beam[SimpleEvent] = {

    // Tranquility uses ZooKeeper (through Curator framework) for coordination.
    val curator = CuratorFrameworkFactory.newClient(
      new BoundedExponentialBackoffRetry(100, 3000, 5)

    val indexService = "druid/overlord" // Your overlord's druid.service, with slashes replaced by colons.
    val discoveryPath = "/druid/discovery" // Your overlord's druid.discovery.curator.path
    val dataSource = "foo"
    val dimensions = IndexedSeq("bar")
    val aggregators = Seq(new LongSumAggregatorFactory("baz", "baz"))
    val isRollup = true

    // Expects simpleEvent.timestamp to return a Joda DateTime object.
      .builder((simpleEvent: SimpleEvent) => simpleEvent.timestamp)
      .location(DruidLocation.create(indexService, dataSource))
      .rollup(DruidRollup(SpecificDruidDimensions(dimensions), aggregators, QueryGranularities.MINUTE, isRollup))
          segmentGranularity = Granularity.HOUR,
          windowPeriod = new Period("PT10M"),
          partitions = 1,
          replicants = 1

// now you can create a sink and add it to a given DataStream object.
dstream.addSink(new BeamSink[SimpleEvent](new SimpleEventBeamFactory(zkConnect)))