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Co-op Money Infrastructure

The Co-op Money Infrastructure project aims to develop a global and decentralized infrastructure for payments and other financial services as well as financial instruments. The system is generalized such that any right or obligation can be documented, proven or transferred. As a result, it could also be used as a general trading platform.

The planned infrastructure will be significantly different from the current infrastructure of the financial sector as well as the current cryptocurrencies and will be characterized by the following main features:

  • It is developed for classical currencies and converts, for example, euros into crypto central bank euros, also known as digital cash, positive money, secure money or Vollgeld.

  • It consists of standards and open source programs that run on users' existing hardware with internet access, such as mobiles or computers.

  • It transfers payments or any other rights directly between users and prevents them from manipulating their own or others’ data.

  • It is an instrument for people and the real economy that works independently of the existing financial sector.

  • It promotes fair trade and sustainable business practices in a very efficient way.

For further information please read the white paper.

New Money Infrastructure


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If you want to support this project, please send me an email.