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Working with Dough

This is the example website for our Dough components. It is available online at

Local setup

In order to run this project locally, install dependencies, and start a Rails server.

$ bundle install
$ bowndler install
$ rails s

Deployment and hosting

The live site ( is hosted on Heroku.

To make a new deployment follow the standard Heroku instructions but you must specify a custom buildpack before pushing code to the Heroku git repository:

$ heroku buildpacks:set

How Dough works in a nutshell

Dough components use data attributes to initialise themselves on page load. This is handled by ComponentLoader. It looks for markup that is stamped with these attributes:

<div data-dough-component="ModuleName">
	<!-- Markup sent to browsers, which is then progressively enhanced by Dough's JS. -->

All Dough components extend from DoughBaseComponent.js

A simple example of a dough component is ClearInput.js, which is used in the frontend project (the MAS responsive website at

Dough components all have a default configuration which can be overridden from a data attribute:

<div data-dough-component="module1" data-dough-module1-config="{ 'property': 'value' }">


We use Sass (with sass rails) - Dough provides the base layer ( which you can override with a dough_theme.

We favour creating a component_name directory per component, containing a _settings.scss (variables the component will use), _component_name.scss (styling the component itself) and an _all.scss to pull them together.

At the Money Advice Service, we have some shared Sass mixins and variable across the websites. Although not technically part of Dough, we wrap these up in a simple bower module called Yeast. More information is available on the repo itself.


All the JS tests for the frontend project (MAS responsive website) are here:

We use karma to run tests, and our JS unit tests use mocha, chai and sinon.

## How the MadeWithDough website works

This pulls in Dough itself, which contain docs and example code. We simply render the docs (markdown), along with the example code which is then 'executed', meaning the component itself is actually rendered.

Therefore, to update any of the component documentation, please fork and update the docs in Dough itself. This site is simply here to lay them out.

Other notes

We do have a ‘slider’ (range) dough component which isn’t actually listed in the madewithdough site, but is being used on our pensions_calculator project. You can see this on the Pensions Calculator itself:

This is how you use the component: