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ActiveMerchant extension to enable iDeal payments via the Dutch PSP Mollie
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Active Merchant for Mollie iDeal

This gem contains an extension of ActiveMerchant [] with support for the Dutch payment service provider Mollie []. The extension allows you to make iDeal transactions based on the Mollie iDeal API.


To install as a gem using Bundler, add the following to your Gemfile:

gem "active_merchant_mollie"

Run bundle install to install the gem.

You can also install as a Rails plugin:

./script/plugin install git://


Before you start using this gem, please read the API documentation of Mollie on their website: Make sure you have a Mollie account and know your 'partner id'.

Create a new purchase

@gateway =  => your_partner_id)
@response = @gateway.setup_purchase(1000, {
  :return_url       => "",
  :report_url       => "",
  :bank_id          => bank_id,
  :description      => "Description of this transaction"

# Store the transaction id in your database with a reference to the original order
@transaction_id = @response.token

# Now redirect the user to the selected bank
redirect_to @gateway.redirect_url_for( @response.token )

Receive details of purchase

After the user returns on your website or Mollie requests you report URL, you should check the state of the purchase. Based in the transaction id you can update the state of your order in your database.

# The token usually sits in the transaction_id GET parameter
@token = params[:transaction_id]

@gateway =  => your_partner_id)
@details_response = @gateway.details_for( @token )

if @details_response.success?
  # The payment was successfull, update the state in your database
  # Something went wrong, inspect the error message
  puts @details_response.message


This gem is based on ActiveMerchant and abstracted from the MoneyBird [] project. For more information ask the MoneyBird team via

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