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Express implementation for paymail specification.
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This package intents to be a full implementation of BSV paymail specification easy to plug in any expressjs app.

Getting started

This is a minimal example of an express app using this package:

import { buildRouter } from '@moneybutton/express-paymail'
import express from 'express'

const BASE_URL = 'example.tls' // The library needs to know
                               // the actual url where the app is going to work

const paymailRouter = buildRouter(BASE_URL, {
  basePath: '/api/bsvalias',
  getIdentityKey: async (name, domain) => {
    // A paymail has the form `name@domain`. You can find the appropiate
    // key using paymail data.
    return '0335e5e7b86c12a4b5df082acb43ca7805382b58c805172bdef20ced310df845aa' // Some public key
  getPaymentDestination: async (name, domain, body, helpers) => {
    // This method have to return a valid bitcoin outputs. The third parameter is the
    // body of the request and the fourth parameter is a js object containing handful
    // methods to create outputs.
    return helpers.p2pkhFromAddress('1FJJkRqyxTKAVX3dGFpddERt9XRbiSRZkL')
  verifyPublicKeyOwner: async (name, domain, publicKeyToCheck) => {
    // Returns true if the public key belongs to the user owning `name@domain`, false in
    // any other case.
    return '0335e5e7b86c12a4b5df082acb43ca7805382b58c805172bdef20ced310df845aa' === publicKeyToCheck

const app = expres()

app.listen('3000', () => {`Listening on port ${API_REST_PORT}.`)

This generates an app with the following endpoints:

endpoint description
/.well-known/bsvalias Api descriptor. Generated automatically.
/api/bsvalias/id/{alias}@{domain.tld} Returns public key for a given paymail.
/api/bsvalias/address/{alias}@{domain.tld} Returns an output to send money to a given paymail owner.
/verifypubkey/{alias}@{domain.tld}/{pubkey} Checks if a given pubkey belongs to given paymail.
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