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Releases: moneymanagerex/moneymanagerex


21 Jun 07:40
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01 Feb 08:26
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#5521 Last updated date time for transactions
#5530 Time Picker for GRM

#3965 Transactions color change
#4698 Filters do not take into account transactions where the categories are split
#5437 Void Transaction are considered in cashflow report (both daily, montly, and transaction)
#5444 Hidden subcategory is shown at the drop-down window
#5457 Transaction report incl sub categories fails duplicate reports
#5466 Recurring transactions - attachments are disappear
#5467 Deleted transactions should be excluded from Last Used date query
#5474 QIF ability to import/export field "E" of split lines notes
#5489 Forecast Report due to multiple currencies
#5504 Export as / Import from ... account menu
#5541 Edit Account images
#5549 ALT+letter button and menu accelerators also activate the transaction status accelerator actions
#5569 Сrash when all historical stock prices deleted
#5583 Quicken QIF import issue in split transactions with balnk row

Minor cosmetic changes:
#4334 #5516 #5427 #5428 #5429 #5459 #5509 #5468 #5462 #5461


18 Dec 19:07
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NOTE: Your database will be updated once you run this version. You will then not be able to open your database with earlier versions of the software or run Android versions with the same database. As ever, it is recommended to take a copy of your database prior to installing any new software version.

NOTE: #1477 changes the DB schema for the storage of categories. Whilst this will not affected basic usage of MMEX if you have created GRM reports that use categories then you may need to update them. The standard GRM templates have been updated to accommodate the new schema and can be used as examples. In particular see:

#1477 Nested Categories
#5302 Upgrade SQLite

#5334 QIF Import does not import transactions with date < today if the account doesn't already exist
#5346 Account summary not showing assets or shares
#5352 Crash on selecting Monthly or Yearly - Reports: Summary of Accounts
#5356 README links to Travis CI for linux/mac build status
#5359 Order by 'status icon' column in transaction lists
#5360 Hovering mouse pointer over an asset icon displays unwanted tooltip outline
#5364 Multi-transaction edit not allowing change to Amount, Payee, or Category
#5370 Reconciled amount incorrect if deleted transactions exist
#5372 Resolve MSVC compiler warnings
#5377 Modifications of split values are lost when row is added
#5381 Asset - Initial Value and Current Value
#5382 Mouse wheel scrolling rate is very slow in Split Transactions dialog
#5391 Use of | (pipe) in category name causes issues with transaction report
#5392 Unexpected space added to Category filter when Regex is used to include multiple sub categories
#5415 MMEX Options: center labels under icons
#5416 Currency Dialog - Incorrect Column Header ("Symbol" should be "Code")
#5433 Failure to upgrade database to DB v17 for MMEX 1.6.2


18 Nov 11:08
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NOTE: Your database will be updated once you run this version. You will then not be able to open your database with earlier versions of the software or run Android versions with the same database. As ever, it is recommended to take a copy of your database prior to installing any new software version.

#5197 Account Summary reports do not include asset values
#5211 Toolbar buttons are erroneously greyed out when opening an existing database via App Start dialog
#5244 Recurring Transaction Check Fix
#5250 Add split button deletes the previous values
#5254 The text for translation is fragmented
#5273 Total not updating correctly on split transactions view
#5281 Recurring Transactions - Remove filtering
#5290 New transaction - Incorrect minimum balance check
#5292 Transaction Report does not show split transaction notes
#5298 User confusion regarding Deleted Transactions node in Navigation tree
#5299 Transaction Report node in Navigation tree is not highlighted when corresponding report is displayed
#5310 Home Page Assets Widget collapse state not saved
#5320 Notes disappear when clicking "Cancel" in Split Transactions window
#5324 Crash when creating a share transaction with a date older than opening date of the account
#5331 Slow refresh when add split rows
#5339 Beta build crashes on asset deletion

#2963 Added a Deleted/Trash transaction feature
#5234 Quick category entry using ":" to autocomplete (Windows only)
#5251 Now shows notes of split transactions in account view
#5259 Hide/Unhide of Custom Reports
#5276 Split transaction notes now displayed in the information panel
#5292 Transaction Report now shows split transaction notes


27 Oct 18:43
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NOTE: Your database will be updated once you run this version. You will then not be able to open your database with earlier versions of the software or run Android versions with the same database. As ever, it is recommended to take a copy of your database prior to installing any new software version.

#3779 Adoption of wxBitmapBundle to support HighDPI display
#4122 Invalid calculation Stocks Gain/Loss
#4362 Online help pages
#4412 Management of assets
#4791 Odd Window positioning behaviour (MacOS)
#5091 Include Grand Total for Reconciled Column
#5106 Organize Budget actuals always reflect current year
#5108 Secondary 'Sort By' Column
#5109 Add ability to use RETURN key to bring up category selection on organize categories
#5122 v1.5.21 has calculation error in account view
#5137 Monthly Budget showing wrong "Actual" totals
#5145 Transaction Report - Custom field settings not recovered
#5147 Transaction Report - Saved custom field settings not used when run from navigation tree
#5158 New Category creation whilst in Split Transaction issue
#5170 Can not save Category_V1 / Subcategory_1
#5191 Crash on account creation due to blank image list
#5193 Transaction Report Date Range not saved
#5198 Asset transactions marked as transfer are not counted in asset value
#5205 Crash when cancelling the creation of a new database if App Start Dialog has been used
#5210 Transaction Filter Date Range is not updated to reflect the current setting of Period Range
#5218 New database wizard is too wide when application language is French

#910 Notes in split categories
#1158 Currency Manager window should be more ergonomic
#1390 Enable/disable payees
#2307 Notes on Budget lines
#3554 Account initial balance is not dated
#4099 Notes field for budget page
#4216 DB ver. 15
#4280 Add Payee Information Fields
#4545 Dark mode for help pages (MacOS/Linux only at present)
#4631 Regular Expressions in transaction filter notes
#4730 Block/Hide Categories
#4880 Use CircleCI for pipeline builds
#5100 Upgrade to wxWidgets 3.2.1
#5111 Asset widget on homepage should show list of assets


21 Sep 10:55
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#3892 Manual share price is not saved
#4087 Summary of shares report not displaying fractional shares if total is greater than 1
#4807 Stocks/Shares - Application Crashes on Trying to Enter a Stock Transaction
#4954 mmex 1.5.19 : wrong behaviour of autoselection of category
#4969 Stock Portfolio Gain/Loss
#5033 Split Category Transactions Do Not Appear on Transaction Report
#5035 Filter on Date / Period - Will not pick up current date and date range including current date
#5042 Crash Report - Upgraded from v1.5.18 to v1.5.20
#5049 Calculation and display errors in the securities portfolio
#5054 Incorrect ascending/descending sort order indicator for Assets/Recurring Transactions columns
#5056 Organize Category dialog does not scroll newly added items into view
#5057 In-place editing of asset name allows asset with blank name to be created
#5058 Stock balance calculation in ModelStock and summary report always uses current number of shares
#5059 Minimum width of Organize Categories dialog allows buttons to become clipped
#5077 Budget reporting when offset is non-zero
#5101 Debug error when right clicking on column header in "All Transactions" -- extra blank lines in "Hide/Show Columns"

#2200 Add a sponsor button in MMEX GitHub repository
#4214 Option to link a monthly budget to an annual budget
#4549 Improving** the UX of the "Organize Categories" window — drag'n'drop
#4690 Secondary 'Sort By' Column
#4741 Add profits to budget
#4844 "Empty" Transaction Report
#4989 Category collapsed state
#5051 Date Control Tooltip Suggestion


02 Sep 14:11
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#4868 Integer and Decimal custom fields are treated like Strings in the Account view
#4946 Optimize/Fix use of mmTextCtrl in dialogs using this control for numbers
#4950 Problem entering decimal numbers
#4951 Reference number format
#4955 Integer Custom Field - erroneous behaviour
#4978 Spurious column sort-order indicator shown when double clicking on Stock Portfolio
#4982 Advanced Filter not saving new 'Date Range' value
#4999 Boolean custom field misalignment
#5000 Saved Transaction Reports don't work in Linux
#5003 Date custom field focus and update issues
#5005 Split Transaction Dialog grows too big
#5012 "Split Transaction" not displayed in category field on Linux
#5019 Display 'Split Summary' infotip sometimes not displayed

#4971 Transaction report - add feature to group by "type"
#4987 Boolean and Date custom field improvements
#5016 Place focus in the Search field when Organize Categories dialog is opened


19 Aug 17:49
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#4698 Filters do not take into account transactions where the categories are split
#4881 "Manage Categories" window in a split transaction only opens for the first 2 split rows
#4886 After upgrading to 1.5.17 and 1.5.18 it does not keep the last category for a given payee.
#4887 After you have relocated a Payee successfully (confirmed) the dialogue box should clear from screen.
#4897 Account website URL validation failure
#4907 Display Share Accounts - the setting is not saved
#4911 Buttons become hidden on Split Transaction dialog
#4918 Change the term 'Scale' to 'Decimal Places' for the English translation of MMEX
#4919 Edit existing category name and entering a colon
#4921 Decimal custom fields do not retain values greater than 999.99 when editing a saved transaction
#4922 Crash when Transaction Filter includes a custom field

#4885 Search consistency for Payee and Category dialog
#4907 Display Share Accounts - the setting is now saved
#4934 Summary of Accounts - charts change (stacked Bar + Line)


28 Jul 12:11
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#3226 Organize Attachments dialog refers to internal account number instead of the actual account name
#4827 Options fields fit if resized
#4828 Renaming Category - Unfriendly error message and incorrectly display of category name
#4843 Transaction Report - no data
#4838 Last Used Category is not filled in when selecting Payee from Organize Payees Dialog
#4852 MMEX will not run on MacOS < 10.14
#4867 Custom decimal field precision incorrect on transaction edit

#4830 Cashflow report showing transactions
#4840 Cash Flow reports settings
#4863 Improve usability of pop-up calendar on MacOS


17 Jul 18:44
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#2704 Add Account Wizard mentions Savings in the text, but it it not one of the Type choices
#3960 Windows version is not displayed correctly
#4371 Category sort is incorrect with French characters
#4710 Transferring between two accounts with same currency get converted into base currency using reverse forex
#4711 Font now too large  
#4712 Streamlining the Split Transaction dialog enhancement 
#4714 Add new subcategory
#4716 Sum operation in the Amount field is not performed with new 1.5.16
#4736 Filter is broken after account switching
#4745 Export & Import CSV File Invalid Date Error
#4749 Relocate Dialogs find entries when nothing specified
#4757 Unable to edit category for transaction in closed account
#4763 Budget Setup - Text field too small
#4772 Layout and behaviour of Recurring Transaction dialog is not consistent with Single Transaction dialog
#4778 App crashes when adding new share transaction
#4785 Crash when switching transaction type
#4786 macOS: Crash When Changing HTML Scale Factor
#4787 Behaviour of Recurring Transaction dialog not consistent with Single Transaction dialog - Amount Field Clearing
#4796 Saved presets in Transaction Filter and saved column formats duplicate
#4804 Colour is displayed as Color on field labels when language is set to English (United Kingdom)
#4813 Multi-transaction update of Payee Name causes "Payee Error"

#3139 macOS - No Drop Down Calendar When Entering Transactions Dates
#4708 Create mmDatePickerCtrl
#4717 Inconsistent behaviour when pressing Enter in transaction category field enhancement 
#4748 Delete source category after relocation
#4754 wxScrolledWindow for options dialog enhancement 
#4759 wxWidgets 3.2.0
#4768 Transaction Report: void status amount
#4779 Default category for transfers
#4789 Report Category including all sub-categories