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Getting started


All amounts are represented in the smallest unit (eg. cents), so USD 5.00 is written as

use Money\Currency;
use Money\Money;

$fiver = new Money(500, new Currency('USD'));
// or shorter:
$fiver = Money::USD(500);

See :doc:`features/parsing` for additional ways to instantiate a Money object from strings.

Accepted integer values

The Money object only supports integer(ish) values on instantiation. The following is (not) supported. When a non-supported value is passed a InvalidArgumentException will be thrown.

use Money\Currency;
use Money\Money;

// int is accepted
$fiver = new Money(500, new Currency('USD'));

// string is accepted if integer
$fiver = new Money('500', new Currency('USD'));

// string is accepted if fractional part is zero
$fiver = new Money('500.00', new Currency('USD'));

// leading zero's are not accepted
$fiver = new Money('00500', new Currency('USD'));

// multiple zero's are not accepted
$fiver = new Money('000', new Currency('USD'));


Install the library using composer. Execute the following command in your command line.

$ composer require moneyphp/money