Detailed installation instructions with video

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The video above will show you what to expect during installation. Note that it requires your interaction at various points. You will be asked to enter your OS X password at three different points. Note that Terminal does not provide visual feedback when you type your password. Just type it slowly and press return.

The video begins by launching the Terminal application. The easiest way to open an application in OS X is to search for it via Spotlight. The default keyboard shortcut for invoking Spotlight is command-Space. Once Spotlight is up, just start typing the first few letters of the app you are looking for, and once it appears, press return to launch it.

If you don't already have GitHub SSH keys on your Mac, the script will launch GitHub for Mac at the end of the installation. If you already have a GitHub account, enter your username and password, and complete the setup as shown in the video. If you don't have a GitHub account, click on the Sign Up at link in the app, then come back to the app to complete the setup. I highly recommend that you turn on two-factor authentication for your GitHub account.

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